The Battle Doge behaviors and code

Yes, but it didn’t work. I think it’s because of the two types of enemy cats possibly.

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You can make a parent for all of the cats, so you can use one collision/raycast.

Could you give me an example image?

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Here is a game that might help.

I’ll try that. Thank you.

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I still have no idea what to do, i’ve been trying to find out which code i’m supposed to use on what in the Battle Doge.

I don’t think Flowlab is meant to have this kind of game, but that doesn’t mean i’m giving up.

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What are you confused about?
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In the example game you gave me I don’t know what objects code I need to use or what to give the code to.

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The door is like the base in your game. The player’s code is like the enemies code. In the player code, the jump, or impulse bundle is when the enemy is close enough to attack. I just made it an impulse so you can visually see that the player is in range.

I…I just don’t know what to do. I don’t understand, my brain just can’t comprehend what i’m supposed to do, maybe this project would’ve been easier with Unity even though I don’t have it, and it’s also kinda difficult to understand. It was easier to make the first level of The Battle Doge. It’s the Tank Cats their code isn’t working the way it’s supposed to after the first one dies.

You shouldn’t give up. There is a great potential on this game. You just have to keep pushing through all of the challenges.

I got it figured out, and with my birthday coming up on the 6th I might actually get a Flowlab Indie Membership, then I could collaborate with you on the game. We would both work on the code and try to get it working, and when I get the game moving from it’s demo stages to a full game I could add achievements that could work as the Battle Cats Meow Medals (Or in this case Woof Medals.)

But now the Cat Bases code isn’t working, now the Cat Base won’t get destroyed.

I think I know the issue


Should be this:

wait scrap that, it should be like this

It all works now, by adjusting some code here and there the game finally works. Sometimes the enemy cats might die to nothing, but i’ll find a way to fix that.