The Combat Car Adventures Reboot!

I’m back everyone from a very long break from flowlab, and working on remastering 2 of my old games, one of which is the combat car adventures!

The Original Combat Car Adventures was a very popular game among my school and was a platformer at its simplest. It would let you do puzzles as well as avoid monsters and was my first flowlab game.

And now it’s being remastered and will be exported for both mobile and PC Variants!

This is also a help discussion, as I may find few things about this game tricky to do on my own, and may require assistance!

The Original Game:


Okay, first plea for help.

@JR01 I am finding problems with the car shooting. It only fires one way again, but i switched on “Rotates objects”, and the hit box of the bullet (the emitted object) is really small. Where am I going wrong?

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Use an Always behavior instead of Once in the bullet object.

2020.12.01-13.17 (2)


Thanks for responding @JR_01 and helping - it worked!

I am having a few problems for my wall jump code - courtesy of @PixelPizza - and may need some assistance seeing what I need to tweak.

The Combat Car can only jump of “Wall Jump Walls” just for any information.

You might see some things that contradict each other like 2 run bundles and 2 jump bundles but that’s because I plan on having the wall jump and the double jump, so just a heads up.

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I don’t think I understand what’s the problem when you say:

With PixelPizza’s wall jump code, you have to have a wall object for the code to recognize that it’s a wall you can jump off of. If you want to make other walls be jumpable like “Wall Jump Walls”, then you can make the parent be “Wall Jump Walls” of those objects as well.

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Sorry @JR01 I actually did fix the problem. What I meant above is it should only be able to jump off wall jump walls which it couldn’t at the time, but I found it was because of a conflicting piece of code from the “Double jump” run bundle. Thanks for helping and I’ll make sure to tag you if I need anymore help again.

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@JR01 I could use a bit more help.

When you die or press “R” in the game, instead of restarting the level I would instead like for the health to be restored and you be transported back to the checkpoint, based on you’re example, but I’m unsure of how to do that.

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So you change how the death bundle works.
Use a message behavior to message the player itself when it dies, so it can reset the health and load the checkpoint save behaviors.
Also it looks like your using my older checkpoint example (Checkpoint Example 2), I really recommend you use Checkpoint Example 3 (Ver 1).

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Hey @JR01 The game may need some help again. So for the boss battle after you hit him once and his health goes from 5 to 4, he starts firing projectiles at you, or at least that’s what was intended.

I borrowed your Point-at & Angle-to Example for this on the bosses head which shoots the projectiles, but for some reason the projectiles vanishes as soon as they are fired. I’m sure is one little silly reason why but could you quickly check that out?

@JR01 I need help on something.

I know you already helped me with my combat system a while ago but it seems like it is in desperate need of fixing. I’m talking about the free-shoot option, where when you click the “Toggle” button it toggles you’re combat system, and shoots in the direction of the mouse.

Sometimes it works, usually at first, most times it does not. It does not actually fire in the direction of the mouse but in random directions, most likely getting the co-ordinates or something mixed up, and basically does not shoot properly at all. This is a big problem as it’s a major part of the game.

Also, the button that toggles the change of shooting combat also does not work, or kind of does. It does when you click it but not when you press “G”, it only changes the animation.

It looks like you have MouseMove set the Screen coordinates,
change that to Game coordinates and it should work.

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sequel to the best game ever made getting updates? yes please