The Facility: Christmas Update!

Even though this project was cancelled for a while, I’ve decided to bring it back. Although I no longer have Indie (which postponed the project to begin with) but I realized that I had a lot of extra sprites that had no purpose so I’ll be using those to continue the game. Although the game probably won’t be finished unless I do get indie, which I might get it in the next month or so, maybe.

So I’ll be using this as an update log for new updates that I added, which might be daily or weekly, depends on my schedule.

Here is the game if you want to play it:

Also here is the trailer which might be removed off of here cause I need to remake it:

I would also want to give thanks to all of those who helps create characters for this game, sadly I can’t name all of you off the top of my head since many of you changed your usernames over the past month, but I think your names are in the credits.
Also I would like to personally thank @rcreger for supporting the project since day one and for being the games world designer. He helped with many different characters and ideas and I really appreciate all of the help.

Working on this game might be a bit slow since I’m apart of a dev team with @The_Kodex and @The_KWASM with a Dungeon Defenders inspired game. I would post the link, but the game is under a huge development and is far from finished since its a pretty big project.


Can’t wait to see this project move forward, Maniac! :clap::clap::clap:

Update: 12/17/20

So I finally added a jump scare to the demo. I had a lot of requests for that and I finally got around to it. Although It’s a little jumpy so I will definitely have to redo it and make it much more smooth. I still need to add sound to the jump scare so its just an animation so far.

I am also adding a poll on what I should work on next. Although most of you probably don’t know what each one is since only the demo is out and the actual game is forbidden to the public.

  • Add a new Subject
  • Work on Map
  • Finish the Gas Feature
  • Update the Demo

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Adding a new subject or entity would be a bit difficult since I don’t think I have enough objects left, but I could try my best. If this doesn’t work, then I’ll just update a current entity like maybe Subject: 009.
Working on the map wouldn’t require many new objects since I already have premade walls, I just need to organize them and set them up for the map. Who knows I might even make the map a random generator like that of SCP Containment Breach.
Okay the Gas feature is a cool feature that I added a while back where a hallway is filled with gas and you have to hold your breath while going through it. I know it hurts you when you hold your breath for too long, but I don’t think you take damage when going through the gas, so thats what that us.
Updating the demo is more like making it remastered. Which I plan on doing anyway since the demo is actually the introduction to the game.

Also while I was typing this I just have to thank you @rcreger for the support.


You should try working on all the mechanics before making the map. It will be easier to know what your going to add to the map plus you don’t have to go back every time and add the mechanics to the map.

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I agree with @Haevoc with this one - I’d set up everything you need for the game (the objects, their behaviors, etc.), plan it out, and then you’ll have everything you need when you actually make the game build. That’s what I’m doing with Sol, actually. The story is actually not in the game yet, but a decent amount of the objects, mechanics, and systems (such as the dialogue system) are being implemented to help me in the future.

This is just a suggestion, of course, but it’s just my approach of game development after working on my previous games, which was the “create as you make” style.

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Dude that looks SICK! AWESOME! I love it, but try to make player faster. Also use this code to help your character:

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Alright I have a few things to say. I do agree with updating the features before the map, but I feel that the map is almost just as important since I have to layout the different subject’s containment rooms and along with the subjects so It keeps track of who I added and who I haven’t yet, but that does make sense that i should get the features done before something like that.

Also @The_Kodex thank you for a simple design for that. I was having serious trouble, also would it work with the sprint? I’m sure it should.

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I haven’t played The Facility in a while. This game is really good. The creature capturing the guard through the wall was very unexpected for me. I did notice people complaining how entering the side doors is tough, but like you, I had no issues getting past them.

Also, I just want to say that your intro is so similar to one that I used to use back when I just started Flowlab. Kind of a trip down memory lane for me right there.


there is a solution, starting value
then you wont need indie

Well thank you @MetaNinja yeah I understood how people were getting frustrated with the doors, but like I’ve been saying its mainly because of the point of view of the game. Glad you actually figured out how to use it, lol.

Also It looks like the gas feature is getting updated, I’ll let the poll go on a little while longer and I’ll start working on it by tomorrow. Since it requires no extra objects it’ll be pretty easy to get out of the way. Then you guys could start voting on what to work on next. Also thank you for all of this support, it means a lot to me. :smile:

Yeah player is my sister running- uh a snail

Alright, I know what i could do to make the intro more of an introduction to the game. First you have have the player interact with more objects such as a keycard and using so to open a door. So that way to get familiar with the inventory system and how the items work. At least I’ll work on this after the gas feature of course.

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Compared to the rest of the screen size, I though the run speed was fine.

I was going to say, I thought the speed already seemed accurate, which i might have to change it back to normal speed cuz now he seems to go way too fast and its only 1 number up.

Update: 12/18/20

Okay dokey, I finished the gas feature since it appeared to have the most votes, which sadly took me five minutes, lol. So now I have started preparations for remaking the demo (which will be temporarily closed until further notice, but its for a good cause. Mainly I just plan on adding a lot more dialogue and an walkthrough tutorial of how the game kinda works to make the demo seem more accurate. Also I’m working on a lighting sprite instead of using all of the lighting blocks. Which this transition may not be as good, but it removes a lot of lag and makes the game run smoother.

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Hey, I used a lighting sprite too XD

Lighting sprites are actually pretty good, all you do is change the opacity and boom, lighting sprite lol

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Yeah, but trying to get that perfect circle shape is a little challenging, but after you get the main circle it gets pretty easy from there. Even though mine is really pixelated I think it’ll do.

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Update: 12/18/20-2

I’ve been really working hard on this today and I added a bunch of new stuff. I worked on the demo a little bit and gave it a little bit more gameplay since the door you need to pass through is locked so you must find a level one keycard, thus introducing the inventory system, but I need some dialogue to explain that a little bit more clear in the game.
I also added a new keycard slider to each of the horizontal doors so it will turn form red to green when passing through a door, giving the game some animation. I am going to reopen the demo now (which that wasn’t much of a long time)

Give me a monent, i’ll have to change the next level behavior real quick.
Edit: Okay its open now. Feel free to leave some feedback regarding the game or the update.

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Are you trying to make a perfect circle in the Flowlab editor? Well, if you are, you could go to Piskel - it has a circle tool that you could use. Just know how wide and high the image has to be so when you download it and upload it into the game, it’s the right size.

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