The Facility - Update log and Announcements (Entity Lists)

I know not too many people know about this game since it is recently new and I figured that I would let people know what its about and figured that you should know a great game in the making. (Not saying its the best game, just a decent one)

What the game is about:
The game takes place in a facility like SCP containment breach and will feature many types of creatures and items that can help you along the way. Although I am currently hosting a vote on which is should be an SCP game or a totally new style and range of new characters. Anyway, you have to travel and explore throughout the facility, finding items such as keycards, tools, (maybe guns?), and other useful items that can help you escape the facility. You play as a scientist personnel and you are just having a regular workday in your office when a breach happens and multiple entities have escaped containment. (Might add features to actually recapture the creatures) Then after a while you eventually escape.

Features currently in game:
The only features is just a demo or mainly just the intro. You can aim and click on NPCs to talk or interact. Sprinting is in the game, but is broken for some reason. Great art style (I think), and one single item (Keycard) that you can pick up, which is not in the introduction.

Features that need to be added:
I plan on making the game very long and figured a proper saving system should be in order. Similar to the SCP game, you can start up a new game, play for a few hours (Or until you drop dead) and then when you leave it will save your progress. A better updated menu. Maybe even a multiplayer feature where you can play as a guard, Scientist, Prisoner, or even the creatures themselves. Also I need to add a proper inventory system with a range of items. Which @glithctyrus came up with a good design. Oh, and probably a lot more stuff and bug fixes.

What this discussion is gonna be about:
I plan on making this discussion an update log for all that I add in the game and for you guys to come up with requests, ideas, or if you find any bugs with the game. I plan on keeping track on what needs to be done and figured this would be the best way. Although, not sure how the entire future of the game is gonna be until the vote is done. Discussion here:

Remember to comment only about this game or any requests and other junk I just said above. I dont want any advertisements to other games (Unless they are examples that are helpful) or discussions (Like I said, unless theyre helpful). Now that I look up, I realized that Ive been typing for the past fifteen minutes so sorry for all of the reading and I just hope that it can help best understand.

Game: Flowlab Game Creator - The Facility

Also P.S, if anyone has a great top down movement and sprint example then I would appreciated that.

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Bet you nobody is going to care about this even though its a really great game to many people under appropriate and care about famous peoples games

Well, I wasnt necessarily thinking about that. Also, dont mean to be rude, but I would rather appreciate it if you stuck to the rules of commenting. Just comment to the game. (Which means dont even respond to this message, just trying to keep the comments to a low so I dont have to spend much time looking through them.

Ok any way. The games is really neat so what are you making next in your game

My main priority is getting the sprint feature and the intro done. Then all i have left is…

almost the entire game.

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Lol i can help you with the sprint feature

Just tell me what is wrong with it also create a dev team

Well, just try and create an example while i figure out how to work dev teams.

Bro just go to your profile when you click your name and create dev team easy then invite me

Well, the next part is working on the actual facility and updating characters. If anyone wants to post a character, creature, or Item design then go to this discussion:

I still need to see which things I can add, and what I cant add.

Ok how about snaky you know what I mean dont you squidward

If you want to post your creatures or entities (I think thats what you mean) then please go to my other discussion. Please stop sending random and not-thought out comments.

Bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh


Intro has been finalized.
Five NPCs have been added that can be interacted with.
Finished Subject 007, 007s label and door.
Intro ending has more dramatic effects, but still need a better ending.
Two new office rooms.

Thats about it, sound will come soon, but for now, the main priority is getting the map and subjects done.

Really Yes amazing great job @ManiacPumpkin

Added a loading screen (mainly detail, serves no purpose) with hints about different subjects.

The only entities that I currently have are:

Subject 007: A humanoid entity that is made entirely of black matter and has a head made up compact bone. Origin unknown (A primary enemy, like 173 was in the SCP game)

Subject 009: A table (Concept by @Gamer20) made of common oak, four legs and a drawer makes up its physical appearance. When given a nail, or other household object, it will then return you with an item that is at least within 300 feet away from the tables current position.

Subject 005: A meteor (Actually a entity I came up with on a Minecraft horror map) literally forgot its scientific appearance, but It does repeat a heartbeat that can be heard from most sound proof walls. Most believe it is a heart from a star.

Subject 004: The glass eye ball from @rcreger. Literally too lazy to write down the massive amount of detail that he added. Just go to my character ideas discussion for the detail.

Will add the Krotox-X (@R0CKs concept), but might have to change some things since I added an entity almost similar to this by accident. Still a great idea though.

Anyone else who has any great concepts on characters, entities, items, and newly added NPCs then check out:

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Hey @ManiacPumpkin you should add puzzles like when you may open a blast door by wiring something or finding a key to a certain door Or using a wrench to unbolt a box were you can flip some switches to open something :slight_smile:

Not a bad idea, Im currently working on an inventory system (Which it works) but need to add way more slots and need to fix bugs. Making a wiring system, might be a little different than what your expecting so dont be too excited about it. I might not add this feature in at all. Just depends on how the game is doing.

This may not be a surprise, but I’ve finally added some sound to the game and it is so much more spooky. Although the game is still in Alpha so only the demo is up. trying my very best to get the map done, which is gonna take a long time. (Few months at least)

No i don’t have any cool ideas. :hamburger: <β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”- Yeah maybe an idea :slight_smile:

I am tempted to suggest a monster for this game that would be based off of Koh from Avatar: The Last Airbender.