The Flowlab Game Awards! (Finished)

Welcome to the Flowlab Game Awards (FGA.) Here’s how it works:

There are multiple categories you can win in (listed below.) Submit your game in the comments and specify which category you want your game in. On June 1st I’ll list the winners in each category based on my opinion.


  • You can only submit one game for each category
  • The game must be made by yourself
  • The game can be unfinished, but must be in a playable state

Best Platformer
Best Story
Best Graphics
Best Endless Game
Best Gameplay

If you think there should be more categories suggest them in the comments.

Do you review them first @“Biscuit Butter” , or do we just leave the games here and then you place them?

Well :lol: I feel that my game could fit into each of those… A-Box has platforming throughout, and is a story game, and I’ve already had a lot of good feedback from the 3D graphics… Now the gameplay may be a different story. It also has another thing: Puzzle. Maybe make an award for Best Puzzles? Well, anyways, just to start this off, here’s the link:


A thing I found that works with people so they send stuff to you is to say you will like their game (actually do it, gain their trust), as it is fairly simple to do. And yes, I am asking you to like my game :lol: Anyways, thanks, and good luck!

Here are a couple of category’s you could add,

Best top down game?

Best minigame?

Most unique?

Best multiplayer? (has anyone made a multiplayer game???)

They have made multiplayer @“my_name (<_>)” , but they aren’t fantastic, and are more of tests. I think I can also come up with a few suggestions of categories:

Best Shooter?

Best Plat-former?

Best Infinite Game?

Most Interesting Game?

Most Popular Game?

I don’t think they’re as good as @“my_name (<_>)” 's suggestions (you got them all! :lol: ), but there’s some right there. Hope they help!

One more just for fun, how about worst game?

Yeah, but that could upset the person who got Worst Game @“my_name (<_>)” . I think being at the bottom of the list would be enough.

I would love the worst game award, LOL

Im creating a game that’s like an endless play game because you can restart whenever and still have fun, but the game isn’t finished yet, so when I get the game to a playable state then I’ll add it here.

I’ve added “Best Endless Game” as a category. Probably won’t add more, as I want more submissions than categories.

Heres my game. It isn’t finished and the game keeps crashing because the limited balls still don’t work. If you want to review it you can.

@rcreger You submit the game, and on June 1st I’ll select a winner for each category. I don’t review them unless you win an award.

@SomeGuy542 Pick a category you want your game to win in.

Oh, okay @“Biscuit Butter” , that makes sense.

Ill have mine done the day before the dead line

None of my games fit into those categories

Best Open-World @“Biscuit Butter” ?

(for one of your games @MagmaDude100 )

Best Endless Game

My submission for best story:

Best endless and best platform???

Infinite game without a great name:

Gravity Hop: