The GalacticoS update log!

Hi everyone,
Due to school, other projects Im more interested in and other things Ive been working on Im gonna be halting development for some time until my interest comes back. Im not sure when this would happen but there will be little to no development for now. Thanks for understanding :slight_smile:

Made some changes to the storyline and for now the game isnt completable without using the level editor due to a story gap. When your music maker makes their final song it will be addable. Im considering just adding the music that already exists.

-final boss is being worked on, previous cutscenes are done and now include music
-particle effects added to new chicago III overground and yowe omega for jetpacks. i plan to add more particle effects soon.
for the future: more work on the final boss (its going to take a while), and considering death animations

added music to the main menu, i might add the rest of the game music later but im unsure
also, as of now a few projectiles spawn backwards during the final boss fight, which is really annoying and i hope can be easily fixed.

hey, been a while, hasnt it?
ive added the OSTs to almost every level, the music artist needs to make a few more things but for the most part most levels now have proper soundtracks that play. the music artist actually told me he isnt happy with the songs and might make better versions, but i thyink theyre pretty good, though let me know what you guys think :slight_smile:

alright, my audio editing software is dumb and replaced a few songs so the start doesnt sound at all what it should like. should be fixed at some point


alright, very sorrt about the weird audio bits at the beginning, didnt save my edited versions of the songs correctly and they overlapped.
its been tested again, and now they work.

Hey, nice to see someone back! Just popped on to check on stuff, and itโ€™s great to see some of the greats back on here. Enjoy your stay @soethan1 ! Youโ€™ve made one of the best games on Flowlab, and hence my respect.

hey, thanks :slight_smile: ive started to kind of work on it part time but i work on other projects too

fixed the backwards projectiles in the boss fight and finished implementing all the tracks. ice also started working on a credits screen but the boss fight will prolly be my main focus for a while

also, my friend might remake the music for the game bc hes not happy how a lot of tracks turned out (i love them but i understood) so if anyone has any insights/feedback on the music tracks let me know and ill send it to him :slight_smile: