The Making of Porky's Nightmare

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So I asked some of you what game I should create next. And, well, Porky’s Nightmare won immediately.

So what is Porky’s Nightmare, anyway? Porky’s Nightmare will be a horror game similar to Five Nights at Freddy’s, in which you are stuck in one single room with killer robots trying to break in. You must use strategy and bravery to make sure that these animatronics don’t break inside.

Micheal is a father of two and a loving husband who takes a job at Porky’s Pizza Palace. The job as a late night security guard goes from 11:00 PM to 8:00 AM (9 hours). Micheal is determined to work at this restaurant because his adult son and teenage daughter used to go to this pizzeria when they were young children. But at the beginning of Micheal’s shift, he receives an unknown phone call from a former night guard, who warns him that he is in grave danger.

This discussion will have teasers posted on it every now and then showcasing the game. In the meantime, the following link should show you everything that I have done so far.
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are you serious @GrimProductionZ look at them!

I am quite satisfied with the looks of Porky’s Nightmare, thanks for the suggestion though.

your game is good but you could add a better art style. it looks like you were not trying. if you like it no worry’s then keep it. just an option

I found my profile icon of Porky kinda intimidating so I changed it. XD


what is the name of the chicken animatronic? in my opinion it is the scariest one!

@“seamothmonster45” his name is Ralph the Rooster.


Porky while staring at you.
For some reason, GIFs don’t work… >.<

Porky can now enter your room and drain your power, but he cannot kill you yet.

XD and,

Like, really, I got jumpscared by Ralph just now and my heart jumped out of my chest.

Good job!

but im having trouble, i made the items big so they can fit in the item circle but when the character uses them, their too big, i tried to change it so that when the characters use the item it gets smaller but the character ends up getting smaller

im so proud of myself, i managed to make a item box, but I’m not finished all of it,
O to use item, arrow keys to move,

Somehow, I find Ralph’s jumpscare more terrifying than the others because it is the least expected. After all, Ralph is stealthy.

that hamilton jumpscare scared every living breathing thing in my body!!!

Wow! Now I know that it’s not just me who’s heart jumped from a jumpscare.

holy shit @Superstargames this almost gave me a heart attack!

Looks great so far! What editor do you use?