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Most of you may know that Refraction has two different dimensions that can be warped between pressing Space. Some obstacles and areas can only be passed through by being in certain dimensions.

Although there will be a 3rd dimension that can be accessed, but you have to unlock it. Once unlocked, it permanently changes the game.


I got some minor progress today. I still have yet to animate any of the character’s legs, since every character uses the same model, I just copy and paste each animation frame for every other character, and then change the colors and add detail for it.

I did finish up the purple shattered enemy, which is only visible if you’re in the shattered dimension. The red enemies are only visible in the regular dimension.

I did add white enemies which run away from you, but they show up in both dimensions. I also plan on adding an enemy that dashes towards you or just runs really fast and another that slowly walks away from you while shooting projectiles.
Plus, there’ll be the yellow mini boss (Which I’m going to change to green because it’ll be symbolic to the lore) and the final boss at the end.

The color code on the enemies won’t be explained, but once you unlock the true ending, then it’ll make sense.

I’m still unsure how to make the enemies visible across dimensions. Previously, I had it so they became a flame and can still attack you, but you can’t attack them unless you’re in their dimension. But I’m not sure how that’ll work.

I may make enemies have a simple shadow that can be visibly seen from all dimensions, but only their body is visible based on what dimension you’re in.


The bad thing about using a free edition account is how you are limited on objects.

However, it allows you to be very creative and find ways to reuse the same object for multiple things.
I had a ton of leftover and unused sprites that I used for various testing and simply storage. I didn’t realize how much I still had left to work with, and I should be able to add many new enemy types alongside the ones I’ve already listed.

I also want to find a way to lengthen the game somehow. Using the same map layout is very bland. So, I want to maybe use different sprites or include a whole new area/level.
The game is probably just going to be a short demo and hopefully I’ll add much more to it in the future.

I want to split the game up into respective levels that all require puzzles to solve and maybe include a variety of bosses. The only downside is that the player levels up by picking up shards. To lengthen the game, I’ll want to add more possible levels to earn and to save the increases stats between the different game levels.
If I don’t split the map up, then it’ll be too large for most people to even run.


i say you make your game a metroidvania


Top-Down Metroidvania?!!?!?!?!1!!?1/1/1?!?!?!?!


yup, i say it would be fitting

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Sorry, @ManiacPumpkin I have a question since I was reading the first 500 posts in this topic and remembered about the Titanius. So my question is, that you said that the Titanius’s body is made of artificial steel while it being sentient. What I didn’t notice is that you said “artificial” which basically means made by humans and not made from nature. Does that mean the Titanius was built up from some humans long ago or something?

I think by artificial he meant inorganic.

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Maybe but if that were true then I would be VERY disappointed.

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He wasn’t built by humans, but he definitely was built by someone.

In the old world or during the first Cordik (really powerful being like Eldern) most creatures were much larger. Such as the Guardians of Mordil and many others. When the Perfectionists (lead by another unknown Cordik) created the Architects or vaults to store massive artificial armies. The surface of the Architects were protected by large Mechanical titans that form into cities.

However, when the first Cordik dies and Eldern arrives into the known worlds, the New World age starts.
Then Eldern creates the Foremakers. Since the Architects were the biggest threat to Cordiks, they can be harnessed from anyone with the key to access them. Which there was some conflict between the unknown Cordik who lead the Perfectionists and the Perfectionists themselves which resulted in the death of the Cordik and all but 3 remaining Perfectionists. The key was hidden on a planet in the known worlds.

Forgicaft, the Foremaker of Technology sought to find the key by creating large mechanical beings known as the Star Titans. Although he overestimated the common creature size of the new world by a lot so that’s why the Titans are around 5 to 8 kilometers in height. Forgicaft himself is one of the tallest Foremakers standing at 6 meters in height while most typically range from 3-5. But Cordiks had alternate large forms as well as smaller forms so it was difficult to really predict size at this point.

Anyway, Titanius was sent to search on Earth, but never found the key. 2 of the 3 remaining Perfectionists also seek the key. So that’s why one of them is on Earth and is a very common character, but doesn’t know it himself since he was damaged when he crash landed on Earth, losing his memory.

Titanius wasn’t the only one. Ironeus (I think) was found dead on Mars with only a single finger emerging from the surface.
And Titanius was later replaced with Magnus which is what the entire second book revolves around. Magnus was much taller than Titanius and was very capably of destroying Earth, but gets blown to pieces in the atmosphere before he even lands.

Titanius probably deserves his own story because he ends up growing sentient and disobeys Forgicaft. Once he hears about Subject: 000 being held on Earth and various other reasons, he wanted the Earth to be turned into a star, which the Star Titans (powered by a dwarf star) can do, but he refused. Which resulted in Magnus’ arrival.

Titanius and his story is more just background to drive away the hidden plot around the second book, but I may give him and other Star Titans a better role later on.


That’s really cool, now I just have to hope I can remember it all lol


The story is kind of confusing to simply read a summary, but it’s more spaced out on my book series.


my guess is that he was made by forgicraft


Yeah, he created an army of the Star Titans where each one was sent to a planet to find the key.


Here is the first character of 6 that is a part of Legion, a group of Subject: 10-As that can combine into a large Titan.

Here is what the leg mode will look like in his combined state:

Here’s a large pile of extra bits, supports, and the mess ups.


Screenshot 2024-03-27 122534

Started adding some new visuals to the corrupt dimension in Refraction. So far, it’s starting to look really good.


Nice, i though you made a new player sprite if im correct? (The game looks very rounded and atmospheric)

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That is the new player Sprite. The old one wasn’t 3d shaped like this one was, it was just a 2d character that only had left and right animations. Let’s just say that this is a huge improvement compared to what it was.


Bug report/feedback

all the poening text has that label there covering some of the text

not sure if this is a place holder or what

here its just saying dsdadwdsdaawadswssa

i dont know but if these enemies are mean to pe scepter foundation gaurds shouldnt theyhave weaponry like is site 012 incedent?

Also, this is just the games style and all, but i recomend making the player/character limbs a little longer so they look less short and stubby
that is my main complaint with all of your pixel art is you are amazing at enviorments and items and creatures, its just your humans look sorta… off.

again this is all just your style, and this is all my opinion