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Material is a creature that disguises itself as objects that humans use daily to trick and then eat them. I think I said it slowly depleted your oxygen and then ate you after.


Yeah, I have it start a quick time event while he chokes you. Since breathing is a mechanic in the game which is used when there’s a gas leak somewhere, which can be prevented using the gas mask or hazmat suit, but material can still choke you out even with the gear on.


isnt he the formaker of the forge or somethin?

except if you have the blood armor on

I have yet to actually add the blood armor into the game. Not because I’m lazy, mostly due to the fact that the game is on pause. But it’s also because I have to add a ton of code including inventory code. I have to make sure to juggle animations correctly, since the player has their own set of animations, and I have to retexture the blood knight onto it, like the hazmat and gas mask. I need to make it so you can only have one hazmat or blood knight equipped in your inventory and you can’t have both.
Another is the blood knight’s ability to start heating up and bounding itself to the player, causing damage and eventually death. Plus, a bunch of switched so the player takes hardly any to no damage while wearing it.

So, I have to alter just about most of the mechanics in the game for it to work properly, but the sprite is already in the game.


Forgicaft is supposedly like 20 feet tall, but I’m still working on his physical appearance. The model I’m working on is a fraction of Legion, which is a group of 10-A’s (or mechanical vessels that were tested on with Subject: 010 during the Wystan program) and these 6 soldiers combine into a large one.
The one I’m currently working on doesn’t have a name yet, but since each of the robots has their own elemental-like abilities, he is fire or heat. So his appearance is similar to that of a furnace. This also contradicts another 10-A character who is basically the same design and there’s a 10-B nicknamed “Furnace” who is sealed inside of a Cast Iron Suit, (very close in design to this guy, but bulkier) so there’s a few characters who do look similar.
The next figure of these 6 that I will probably work on will have ice or freezing abilities, so he’ll have ice and crystalline structures over his body.

Legion’s appearance in the book, was when Hawk, Orion, Crystal, and Spiratus had stolen an SCU carrier and were headed to Site: 012 to fight Subject: 000, but they got intercepted by several SCU carriers and Legion, who got kind of smeared in the fight, but technically is still alive.


Hey i get bro game dev is hard


I’ve been updating Refraction a little bit since I wanted to experiment with some new mechanics I don’t normally do.
I also really love the idea of upgrade choices and card style games like Rounds (if anyone has ever heard of it).

Basically whenever you gain a certain level or reach a certain checkpoint you gain the ability to choose between a handful of cards that have different choices on it.

Since Refraction already has a bit of an upgrade system already, where you pick up gem shards and you gain more bullets (that’s about it) I thought about adding cards that increase reload speed, fire rate, and movement speed, along with many other features.

I don’t want to add balancing cards where it also decreases other stats, but you basically just become super strong towards the end of the game. I also plan to add abilities that the player can obtain either by secret areas or fighting bosses that either allow you to teleport or gain new special attacks aside from the homing missile.

This game may not seem like it relates to the Scepter Foundation at all, but for those who unlocked the secret achievement (probably no one) then you’ll realize that this game is mostly a parable that explains a much deeper story. If anyone wants to attempt the hidden easter egg (which I will relocate to the new version, but it’ll take a while) let me know and I’ll re open the game. The player’s animations are screwed up a bit at the moment, but it’s still playable. (I think the easter egg is still obtainable)
But I would like to see if anyone could find it, so I know it’s possible when I import the same feature into the new version. I don’t know if the achievement behavior will work or not, since I don’t have indie anymore, but you’ll be rewarded with a new ending.

I’ll actually host a contest for those who are unsure of playing the game. For anyone who finds the secret ending and private messages me what the ending actually is (so I know you didn’t just cheat for it) then I’ll add you into the credits into the updated version of the game. I don’t know if you’ll be a beta tester or egg seeker title, but it’ll be something like that.

And yes, the game is very jank and doesn’t look like a game worth attempting, but I do plan to rehaul most of it so it’s actually enjoyable to play.

I’ll give a hint about the secret ending, you have to actually go near the end of the map and return back to near the beginning. Basically, finding a key to unlock the yellow gate.
I’ll post the link when I know for a fact that it’s achievable. I have to go speedrun it really quick.


Alright, here is the game link for anyone who wants to try it. I fixed some bugs that affected gameplay and the rest might still be a bit buggy, but its tolerable.
(Link Removed)

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Sadly, I can’t do too much for the new update without tearing apart the old game. So, I’m not sure if the game will be up for much longer.

Since the enemies and camera detect the original player object, I have to switch them all over to the new player and that would make the old game unplayable. I could add a ton more code and make it detect both objects, but there’s no point when all of the old stuff is getting remodeled.


Why didn’t you just reuse the old player object and remove all the code and stuff and then put the new code in?


I wanted to keep the original player intact because the new character was just a test to see what could be possible. I didn’t want to redo the player and the code not work, then give up on it and then I would be out of an entire game.

Plus, the new character is made up of 4 total objects unlike the old one which is only 1. And the reason behind this is so the legs and torso operate differently. The legs need to move based on movement and the torso moves based on rotation to have a more fluid visual. I did this same mechanic for the Site: 012 Incident since it works really well, but I wanted to try 8 directions instead of 4.

And the right arm is also separate to aim and fire bolts of energy. The last object is to aim and then apply the rotation to the arms location (the shoulder changes positions when the player rotates) and the torsos rotation. Originally the arm determined the location, but since the arm also moves slightly to line up the shoulder, the character would spasm out when the mouse was at certain points around the character. This separate object also acts as a shadow I placed below the player which also rotates around to accommodate the cubed shape.


I’m gonna go ahead and close the game now, say goodbye to the old version.

I am now going to start working on the new map. I don’t know if I want to break it up into levels or not, since I’m not sure how that will play out, but I’ll experiment around with it.


Surprisingly, I’ve still been working on Refraction. So far, I have added the following:

  • Enemy (no arms yet) and Player 8 directional animations (legs have yet to be animated)
  • Gems (kind of like XP) will float towards the player when the player is near
  • Added damage and death particles to enemies
  • Basically, finished the red enemy.
  • A system in place so future upgrades can be easily added to increase stats
  • And a bunch of other minor improvements

Things I do plan to add is fixing the Purple, Green, Yellow Boss, and orange tower to be more fit with the game. The red enemy is basic, and just runs at you. Purple is about the same, but with slightly more health and can only be found in the shattered dimension. Green is an enemy you’ll find later on that runs about the same speed as the player, but can also dash/teleport. The Yellow Boss is basically a mini boss that you will face. I will definitely update him to be much stronger and more defensive, probably launching projectiles and various other things at you.
I may also add a new walking enemy that shoots projectiles, and runs away from you. I also want to add White enemies who aren’t enemies, they simply run away. Which they can be killed easily. (This will be explained in the ending).
And the orange towers might be removed since it’s basically a stationary enemy who fires projectiles at you, kind of pointless. Since I want to experiment a bit with AI movement.

There will be a final boss. There was one in the original version of the game, but all he did was spawn waves of enemies on you until you managed to do enough damage to him. I may keep this mechanic since you will pick up upgrades that will beef the player up.

I also still need to add the dash mechanic to the new player object, since I have yet to do that. Most of the environment will probably stay the same except for maybe some minor tweaking and editing to sprites. The bridge part will definitely be corrected to match the 3/4 top-down view better.
The secret ending will be almost identical as it was in the first version. The way to obtain it will probably be a little harder, but about the way.

How upgrades will work is still being decided. The original version had you pick up gems and they increased your bullet capacity. Your special ability you don’t unlock until you defeat the mini boss.
I thought of the idea of cards or a choice the player can choose. So basically, the gems will still be in the game, but after picking up so many, you level up, choosing between 1-3 cards at random. Each card will grant a buff to existing stats and abilities (like your special and possibly others) will have to be unlocked through milestone progress, so you have to progress into the game’s story to unlock them.

There will be a campaign about the same as before, but a bit more enjoyable with smoother mechanics. I also want to have an endless or survival mode where you survive against waves of increasing enemies. You automatically unlock your special and you level up by killing enemies and getting gems.

I do want to go ahead and say that I added a Testing code into the game. I’m sure if wouldn’t take long for anyone to find it, but like I had done for Ball Bounce Simulator, I added a code, that when typed, instantly buffs the player to the max stats and allows the ability to spawn enemies wherever the cursor is.

So, I spawned about a hoard of enemies and started blasting through them. I also upgraded the bullets to do piercing and the special ability to shoot like 10 insta kill projectiles that fly across the screen and dissolve whatever moves. Might be a bit broken, but it’s fun.
I wanted to make a mechanic where the player dashes or teleports onto an enemy and instantly kills them, granting a short immunity so you don’t take damage. This was something I really wanted to add into a game so you can fly around, snapping onto enemies and killing them like a chain. Might be a weird fighting mechanic in a game, but having something like on endless mode would be interesting.
The only downside would be that it won’t insta kill stronger enemies, like green, and it only targets enemies of the current dimension.

Another issue I was thinking about was how would the enemy and fighting system work with two different planes that you play on.
Originally, I had enemies deal damage to you from any dimension. Red enemies in the normal dimension are visible while purple enemies of the other dimension are represented by a purple flame that can follow and attack you.
I had thought of something a bit more reasonable and making it so only enemies of that particular dimension can harm you while others simply leave you be until you transport over. Maybe having an enemy that force teleports you to the other dimension.

Also some areas can’t be accessed unless you go through the other dimension so you kind of have to go through twice as many enemies in a single game, but that was the intention.
I’m still undecided on the final product of the game, but so far it’s coming along. If anyone has any ideas or feedback so far, let me know.


A lot of you are probably wondering how Refraction itself even relates to the series at all. Originally, it didn’t. It was supposed to be a unique game I made for the flow jam, but I wanted to take the chance and increase the series by another game.
I planned on the game to around Justin Hawk or related to him, since he has an abnormal inherited power aside from the Foremaker of Darkness that allows him keep his abilities even after Eldern is killed. There is a parallel dimension that is rarely spoke of, and its the corrupted/purple dimension you can warp too. It’s basically a variation of the current world but light doesn’t exist. The only creatures that even live in this world are these shadow beings that act like Justin’s physical form when he’s in his shadow form. Basically just an outline of darkness and physical objects can’t touch them. (Not sure if these guys will be in the game or not)
Anyway this character can warp between the normal reality and this darker version of it.

There’s still a lot of details I still need to work out so everything aligns better, but that’s basically the gist of it.

You’ll find out more on it when you play through.


The basic layout is mostly complete for Refraction. I have a simple tutorial except for enemy encounters and a complete dialogue system.

I have just about everything actually completed for the game right now except for enemies and some UI adjustments that still need made. (And the map layout)

There are also short cuts to skip certain sections of the tutorial since it’s at the beginning of the game regardless and I may add a command that will restart the level and add a timer so for those who wish to speedrun the game can do so easily. This isn’t a priority so I’m not sure when I’ll get around to it, but it’ll definitely be a possible mechanic in the future.

It won’t be too hard since I already have a command system for cheat codes that I added for testing.


I watched some gameplay over the “Far from Land” game on Roblox, and it was probably one of the best Fnaf Fan games out there, and considering it was made on Roblox made it even better.

So I then had an idea about a short story of the Scepter Foundation using a ship to transport either goods or some entity across the ocean to another facility, only for a Breach to happen on the ship.
One thing I had noticed, even from SCP, is that the only breach you typically hear is from facility on SCP:CB and a few slight breaches according to the wiki from other facilities.

I want to write more stories about the conflict on Earth, outside of the entire Foremaker series to make it seem more mysterious on what all is actually happening.
With these ideas, I thought of expanding the conflict on Earth between foreign creatures and humans.
Another thing SCP don’t exactly specify is transporting some of these creatures or even capturing them. Some are super easy, some seem impossible, but yet they still managed somehow.

In the Scepter Foundation universe, they also have vehicle convoys, large planes (Some sites have their own airports) and ships.
So I may start writing a few more short stories over the difficulties of capturing and shipping these monsters to facilities.


Scepter foundation short story concept:

A story from the perspective of a team of scepter foundation gaurds/feild units attempting to track down and capture a dangerous entitie responsible for murdering large groups of people befor the entity can do any more harm

Its kinda a generic concept but if executed correctly could make a compelling story seeing how members of the team get slowly picked off by the entitie one by one

And this would go on until one guard who would be the protagonist is left, the last guard standing would then confront the entitie,

The last gaurd would then capture the entity, or perhaps during the confrontation the gaurd either relises that the entitie is to strong and lets the entitie go. or maybe the guard relises the entity isnt so evil after all and is more like an animal acting out of fear?


I already have one short story about an attempted capture of Subject: 009, the Ceramic Skull. Which ends up in the entire team getting killed.

But I have yet to write a story where the SCU actually win, lol.