The Scepter Foundation - Refraction

I’ve been making some more progress to Refraction, hopefully I’ll get a short demo cooked up pretty soon.

I’m currently trying to set the game up more visually such as more environmental objects and better UI. I had an Idea for the UI, but I find it kind of useless since it’s abnormally large and takes up a large portion of the screen. The Dash cooldown is very pointless since you only have like a 2 second delay in between dashes that slowly decreases as you level up, so I may just remove the cooldown entirely and just make it half a second, while just decreasing the dash force, so you can dash around quickly, but you don’t exactly fly through the level. Similar to how Hollow Knight works, you just have a slight cooldown between dashes, but nothing too severe or unbearable.

Since I already planned to remove the homing missile and possibly add a homing upgrade at some point to the regular bullets, the UI to display the bullets is also kind of pointless as well. Since I can just add the bullet count as a label that follows the cursor or something that’s a bit more tolerable. I may end up scrapping the entire bullet system and have a heating system. Since you aren’t exactly using a gun, it doesn’t make sense to restrict the player based on ammo, but using a heating system, so the shard that you use can overheat when overused or something. I can just add the cursor change color to a red the hotter it gets until it forcefully causes a delay to cool off before being used again. I can also use this design to focus your fire and fire multiple projectiles at once.
Basically, to focus your fire, you slow down slightly, and it instantly uses up all of your heat, but could fire a volley of bullets at once, like a shotgun.

So, there’s a variety of different features I plan to add and also remove to make the game smoother in gameplay.

Also, I finally gave myself an animated intro before the game loads up, I saw a lot of users have done it in the past, and I finally made myself a proper one, it’s not the greatest, but it works.

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I also just fixed an issue I was having trouble with for a while. For some reason, when the enemies were grouped up and you killed them, sometimes they don’t die, or at least not get destroyed. They would remove the health bar since their health is below 0, but they would be immortal and can still attack the player.

I was using a raycast so they can send a message to the leg objects (Body and legs are separate) so it would only send a message to the legs the torso was attached to, the only downside is that when multiple enemies were grouped up, it would raycast another enemies legs and send the message to them, so they would die, but not the initial enemy. I fixed this by allowed the torso to reply to a constant message from the legs. So far, I haven’t been able to replicate any similar issues, so it seems to be working correctly now.


Also, just to let everyone know, I organized the discord server so you should be able to create your own posts for any game projects you’re working on, it can be related to flowlab or any other platform.

I originally didn’t have anything for game development, mostly just story writing, but it’s now available.
If anyone wants to join the discord server, let me know and I’ll send you an invite.


I was watching a youtube video and I just came up with a pretty good entity idea.

I haven’t polished this concept, but it’s basically some sort of humanoid creature that is completely visible to the naked eye, however, when your eyes are focused or adjusted a certain way, it can be seen from the corner of your eyes.

The idea is that basically, whenever you read or view a document or anything that causes you to focus on close up material, this creature can be barely visible from the corners of your vision.

Adding this character would be very interesting in the Site: 012 Incident, but I don’t think I would want this creature to be able to kill or damage the player, since it would be too overpowered and a hassle to check for. I may make it so that these creatures will stunt the player’s stamina or give some sort of bad effect. Maybe deal damage over a long period of time, but it depends. I know the game may feel very overwhelming, but that’s how I want it to feel. You don’t have a clue on how many of the entities work, except from the documents that you may find.

Another entity I thought about is debatable. I wanted to add a scene where the power goes out and so the rest of the game you have to rely on a flashlight and battery conservation until you restore power somehow.
Anyway the entity can either be only visible in darkness or in light, I haven’t exactly decided, but an entity that would be visible in darkness could only be voided by shining a light on him or I could have an entity that slowly wanders around in the darkness and chases you, but basically acts the same when he is in light or maybe is stunned in the presence of light.


If you do this I have a small idea: the entity could be an octopus of some sort. At the aquarium I went to, they didn’t allow flash photography because it would hurt the animals. In the corner of many glass sections where the animals were visible, there was a simple “no flash cameras” sign. But the sign on the octopus’ glass had an extra note on it that basically said that it was extra sensitive to light compared to most of the animals in the building because in the wild, it usually spends most of its time hiding in dark caves.

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As many of you may know, I have created the infamous entities known as the Perfectionists, which played a crucial role in setting up the context of the entire series as well as give the series one of the most iconic characters, The Ceramic Skull.

I propose a new concept.

In the book series, Eldern is ultimately destroyed when the Architects are activated, and the armies just rid of the Foremakers like an automated immune system, but I don’t want to end the series there.
Sure, there are many other threats such as other Cordiks, but considering space is near infinite and even though space travel is fast, it’s not instant. So, that’s why other Cordiks aren’t presented immediately but are shown in an alternate reality where it takes place 500 years into the future, and it only shows 7 of the possible hundreds of Cordiks.

Anyway, since the Perfectionists are a very strange race of beings that currently don’t have any origin other than first landing among the Known worlds, teamed with the Tinkerer (The only sane Cordik) to build the Architects, and then there were some conflict were the Tinkerer had to kill most of them because they wanted to use the Architects to devoid the known worlds of all life so they can expand their own empire.
As of the current storyline with Justin Hawk, dating around 2016 to present day, there are only like a handful of Perfectionists left. They don’t procreate like most species, but are initially created, with some having the abilities to create Perfect Drones, which are essentially zombie like animations using the bodies of other organic beings, similar to the Moonspores, but this only effects living beings.
The Ceramic Skull got brain damage and forgot everything. Despite Justin Hawk eventually regaining his memory, the Ceramic Skull, or Shirmirik, never did. He was then found by another Perfectionist who tried to explain to him who he really was but killed him out of fear because he doesn’t know what he looks like and didn’t believe in anything he said. So Shirmirik isn’t much of a threat except for the Scepter Foundation on Earth.

Only a few others remain and it kind of gets confusing on their origin or why more weren’t created.
I still haven’t figured out the idea of their initial origin or who created them, but it wasn’t the Tinkerer or any Cordik.
But since they had to be created, obviously there should be different variations or attempts at making the Perfect Race. The Perfectionists believe they are the most unified and perfect beings in the entire series but are far from it.
So, the new concept evolves around the idea of other prototypes or species similar to the Perfectionists that were created as well. Most of them probably just going to be alterations or variants of the Perfectionists with major flaws, but similar physical characteristics.

This would give into the idea that there are more equally strong threats other than the 3 remaining Perfectionists, probably some variants that are even stronger. Since the Perfectionists have the ideology to conquer and expand, they are able to reproduce by taking and life essence and organic materials of worlds to recreate similar clones of themselves, which is why they used to be one of the most fearing empires in the Old World. But since only 3 remain, they can’t do this as easily or would take years to gather enough matter to create a new body.
I still haven’t figured out a decent design or concept behind what created them, but I may just step back and leave this a mystery, since I keep trying to find origins for every single species and armies that it just seems too overwhelming at this point, but it would explain just enough that there are creatures similar to the Cordiks who tamper with creating false life and creations as well as various other ideas.
I thought of the idea that there would be one of these variants that would be equally as strong as a Cordik on his own and was supposedly one of the later creatures that was created before the initial creator was either killed or forgotten (since these creations took place prior to the Old World and the Empire of Mordil). This new being could have a similar mentality as the Perfectionists but is much stronger and was supposedly to be the perfect being.

I can’t really say too much else since I’m still polishing up the rest of this concept, but I feel it would be a more unique take the Perfectionists origin and would add a new threat later on.


I started working on some new sprites. I want to add new areas to add to the environment, because I feel the game will seem very boring with the constant graphics. The demo that I’m currently working on will have probably 2-3 possible areas that can be explored, but once I get indie again, then I’ll add a lot more.


I still have yet to animate the legs and re-add a health system. The old one worked but was a bit faulty.

I won’t add a health bar since I feel that UI can be kind of distracting. Just look at Super Mario for example, he doesn’t exactly have a health bar, but it’s based on whatever power up he currently has, and I feel this works really well for most games to have some sort of visual warning when you are reaching low health but avoid the use of an actual health bar.
The enemies will have one, since they are quite small and actually make it easier to aim and see where enemies are at, plus the game is planned to get very chaotic with multiple enemies across two different dimensions that can still hurt you the same, so any indication of an enemy will probably help.

I don’t want to add a Health system just yet until the game/demo is completed so during testing, I don’t have to worry about getting cornered or melted by enemies while I’m testing their movement/tracking or the player’s projectiles.


Dang, it’s been a month already since my last post.


“I’ve drawn a majority of the creatures that inhabit the galaxies, I’ve seen the infinite worlds from various perspectives, I can even appear throughout the timeline as I please, but yet…
I cannot find even a single being who rivals my strength.”

– The Illustrator


Wow, powerful guy.

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He’s a new addition to the series that I was working on. It was based on the theory of Unicron where fans thought he was a single entity that can move between universes. Like every version of Unicron that you see is basically the same dude.
Although this isn’t canon, I figured it would be interesting to have a character with the same mechanic.

But he also has some lore behind creating several different races of beings, including the Jkherites and the Perfectionists themselves.


I wanted to at least post this on here and I’ll make a post on the discord as well, but if anyone is confused on the story or has any question regarding literally anything, you can feel free to ask on here or on the discord.

I know it’s been kind of confusing since I post random quotes without much context in the series, but I’ll explain them in the best of knowledge that you should know. So, if it’s just a concept or a character I’m still working on, I won’t reveal too much and leave most of it a mystery. Even if the character is supposed to be unknown, I won’t reveal too much on it as well.

You can ask over any planet, nation, empire, character, or literally anything. Or you can ask if I have a world or character related to even your own favorite characters of media, since I have over 200 characters now, it’s kind of hard for you to really know the name of all of them.

Plus, I can share the common knowledge of the world I’ve drawn up and you can give any feedback or ideas on it, since sometimes I can even lose track with as much as I have written over it.


Here’s a new clip over something I’ve just recently added to Refraction. At the end of the tutorial, which is the main area, you will fall into a second area named the Lower Levels. This will basically begin the main aspect of the game as this area will introduce the purple enemies, if you haven’t encountered the secret one previously.

This is where the difficulty will probably start to rise, since you’ll have to juggle multiple enemy variants on two different planes. I only have Red, Purple, and White enemies, currently, but I plan to add a few others, including ones that fire projectiles, and ones that can dash similar to how you can.


And no, I still have yet to add leg animations.


Wow, you can fall in a top-down game!

This is pretty cool.



I don’t know if I’ll be able to finish a quick demo by tonight, but I want to at least try and get a good portion done for the second area before I can officially release a demo. That way the game is somewhat playable until a larger version get’s released.
I also might grab another month of Indie later in the month so I can get a few more objects and possibly many new enemy types, areas, and some bosses.

Before I do release a demo, I want to ask if anyone wants to play test the game. That way you can give any feedback or let me know of any major game breaking bugs. I’ve had some issues with the label glitch where they still appear when they are at 0 Alpha, but usually resolves when you reload the game.

Since there are smaller isometric tiles, and the walls use display orders to prevent overlapping, there are some minor visual bugs that can happen if the player or enemies hug the wall, sometimes the corner of the wall will overlap the player for a couple pixels until the player is at a certain Y location compared to the wall. And the In View object doesn’t work really well on larger scale objects, so sometimes if you are in the corrupt dimension, walls will appear white instead of purple for a split second until loaded in. I may fix this with a proximity, but having every wall in the game trying to detect the player might cause performance issues. I could have the camera zoom in slightly so it’ll technically load stuff outside of what the player sees, but I don’t know if that will cause any UI issues or not.

Also, for anyone who is interested, let me know if you want to playtest the game before a demo release and I’ll private message you about it.


I might be able to play-test it.

I tried that once, and it just DIDN’T work.


I might be able to playtest it too

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I will 100% playtest since im stuck in 4-2 in ultrakill