The Scepter Foundation - Refraction

There’s not much I can do that can fix it sadly, but it’s more of a rare occurrence since I don’t expect players to hug the wall in any way.

It’s mostly because the walls are like 4 grid spaces tall and sometimes it doesn’t extract their Y value correctly compared to the player.

It doesn’t effect gameplay and you can’t clip outside of the map or anything, so I’m not too worried on it.

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I started on the new area. It currently doesn’t have a corruption animation yet, so it’s completely black in the other dimension.

Since it’s the lower levels, I thought of keeping it that way, but I want to add many basic enemies from the main dimension, the only problem to this is that the only way to detect them is if you are either in the main dimension or by their shadow. Since the Corrupted dimension is completely black, you don’t see them at all in the Corrupted dimension until you switch over or realize you are taking damage, which I have yet to add.

Another thing I had to change was that the wall hitboxes would have their collisions turned off while outside of the screen, but I have some enemies that will slowly move away from you while shooting projectiles, and if slow chasing enemies get off of the screen, they can go through walls. So, I had to remove that feature. I originally added it to help with performance, but after removing it, I don’t know much of a difference, but I’m sure once the map starts to grow, it’ll be a bit slower on lower end devices.