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My bro isnt stupid he would never do that.

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You all speak in memes so I have no clue if it’s just a joke or it’s serious.

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Does anyone have any questions regarding the story so far. Sadly there’s so much that’s left out that I have yet to say because I want to keep most of it on my novel that I plan to hopefully publish.

It’s going to be one of many stories. I thought of making a mainline series along with shorter stories set aside for lore and connecting events together.


With the way the story works and how the entities actually exists, the item subjects are going to now be classified as Subject Artifacts: now. They will still retain the same document number, but most of them will now have different origins than I had originally.

Most of them will probably be artifacts from other worlds while some were created by Subject: 010. Instead of making a C category for objects, they are quite different than most creations of Subject: 010 so they are still classified as their own thing.


I’m serious here. Please understand./srs

I understand the idea of the concept you submitted, but what was the video for?

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The video was just to tell you how I got the name. That song has a lyric that inspired me.

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Here is the link to my discord.

I’ve only made one other server before so there’s still quite a lot before I get it up and running, but at least you all can join and help me out since I know a majority of you probably have used discord way more than I have.
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Sorry for tagging everyone who isn’t active on this discussion anymore or is working on something more important, but I tagged everyone who at least posted something in the last month on here. I used to have a list of tags I used every update, but I lost it in the posts, plus I’m sure a majority of the older users don’t ever get on much anymore. Sorry if I missed anyone who wants to join, I could only tag the users I could think of, plus I don’t think I could tag more than the current amount.

I know some of you probably don’t have discord, but I figured I would tag you anyway, just in case.


I never realized how dead this discussion became. I mostly moved everything over to the discord server so it’s more organized.

I figured I would post this to see if it’s even a bother to keep the discussion on the forums going.

Do you have discord?
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  • Sadly I don’t

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I may continue on the forums as well regardless, but I won’t be as active like I will on the discord.


I had a really strange story set out in a dream. Most of it was too complex to even be described in words and after writing down almost an entirely new story, here’s the gist of it.


A high authority party started mass creating large amounts of parallel worlds using strands of code in the planetary index. Each world is almost stored digitally inside disks that act almost like a gateway. Each world is stored in large server like hubs.
The purpose is for the strange beings to find a perfect world as their own is slowly depleted.
They have found countless worlds they have inhabited and colonized on, but are still searching for the utopia. The main characters are unsure of how worlds are created, but they are almost birthed from a cloning process. Some creating their own ecosystems and inhabitants, some of these worlds create their inhabitants to already be in modern stages of development such as most having the technology equal to that of Earth of 2023.
Most people are pre generated with a name and past memory. They are quite similar to humans, but are slightly different in terms of brain capacity as losing the ability to gain abnormal powers from outside sources. They are considers Hybrams as they are fairly similar to humans in physical appearance, but chemically are far different.
Hybrams are created alongside the world as almost a test to find the most suitable living conditions for the higher beings.
Within the perspective, the main character was unlike most Hybrams and wasn’t generated with a name or any past. Only a mere glimpse of the world beyond theirs. A simple defect. As he progresses through his world to find it was quite strange, the higher beings set up a base alongside a detanaught installed on the planet. The bomb itself was powerful enough to not only crack the shell of the planet, but to completely eradicate the entire dimension

It sounds a bit cheesy, but it’s like a matrix style scenario in the outer worlds. A lot of this was redesigned from what I originally imagined because I didn’t feel like rewriting everything again. Most of this is just a place holder for the time being, but that’s the main summary. All of this was in a dream that I had just in an hours nap.


I copied this straight from the discord so no one is left out.


I know this isn’t entirely flowlab related, but I was thinking of making trading cards of the characters and their variations.

Although I wasn’t for sure how it would work, whether it would be a playable card game, or just collectible icons to display an image (drawing) of the character and their stats.

The only downside about making it a playable game would be the scaling. If anyone has ever played that Marvel Card game on the App Store (forgot what it was called) you basically drew cards and you tried to have the highest combined power in each of the three territories. Whoever wins two of the two by a certain number of turns would win.

I was thinking something like this or at least similar. Having a combat system like Magic the Gathering or Yu gi oh, would be insanely difficult to create. Considering you have an SCU intern facing Eldern or something and it wouldn’t make much sense.

I thought of the idea that only Earth forces can be played at the beginning of the game, like 10-A’s, Foundation personnel, The Other Side, and the pre war Order Core. So the forces are relatively small in power and as the turns progress the rift will open, allowing players to activate paths between certain worlds. Like if you activate New Caben, you can play cards like Orion, Cabenus, and other Elites, but you can’t play Librocus or Goliath since they are of other worlds.
I may have it so Foremakers are more like a Planeswalkers in Magic the Gathering and instead of acting as creatures or playable entities, they only act as support and can boost other entities or humans.

I’m leaning more on the idea of a collectible design than a playable version since I have no clue how the game would even work.

  • Collectible Character Cards
  • TCG playable game
  • A card game sounds dumb

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Here’s a poll, although this probably won’t decide the final decision as it’s just to help to see what you all think of this idea.


I also want to announce, my current story has exceeded 200 pages in length and is close to being finished. It’s still a rough draft and it’ll need a ton of editing and polish to sound right. Hopefully I can get it published and eventually start the beginning moments for the Foundation.


I would buy that entire book series with no hesitation.


Will there be a cameo appearance by Frederick Fitzgerald Von Fazbear?


Probably not.

I did have my own Fnaf fan game with unique characters I thought of making canon, but I’m doubting it.


Hmm ok. Perhaps this could be an easter egg hidden in your game:


I wish to align with originality.


“You’re quite misunderstood. Alike the rest of my brethren, you’re blind by Eldern’s power, only limited by his knowledge. I only seek the power of the Foremakers to protect this very reality from the dangers beyond. There are worlds and creatures that not even Eldern can fathom. You may wonder why Eldern, why we don’t belong here. Because Eldern was unique, unlike anything in this world, bringing such creations to your very Earth. He was from outside your very reality, and they are hunting him. I’ve seen the inevitable future of our world. The world we both were birthed in, it’s just a grain of sand amongst the endless desert, we are so little in the true expanse of the sea. The laws you follow have different properties elsewhere, forging abominations far beyond our own comprehension. Eldern was of these. And there’s more.”

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Are any of the entities British?

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