The Super Mario Bros Flowlab Edition Log

I’m not sure what you mean. Could you show images of the problem. Thanks.

Comment has self destructed

Oh… I don’t know why either. I made him to be a 1 by 2 sprite but it still recognizes him as a 2 by 2.

I am really confused as of how this game is to work. I have tried several times to continue in the game in progress, and am not able to go onto any of the other levels. Idk what is exactly wrong in it, but I suggest you go into your editor to find out this bug in the first level that makes you have to climb over an “invisible wall” over Princess Peach onto the other side, and when in contact of her, there is no dialogue nor is there a next level in the contact of this. And from this, going over the wall, I can clearly see a drop on the other side of the platform. I’m sorry Cap. Red Crab, but I have some serious issues with this game, and so please fix it so we can bring it to our enjoyment. (Also, the jumps for Mario is just a bit over estimated, so try to make them less intense in the jumps height and speed)

@rcreger To be fair, it says to press r to skip the tutorial, but I agree the beginning is very strange.

Alright, thanks for letting me know. I was really confused as to what I was to do.

Sorry about whatever is the matter. I personally have not experienced any problems when playing. You are truthfully not supposed to go over the invisible wall you know, since its like a cut-scene. Instead, just walk across the bridge and try to run into Peach. This will provoke the conversation and when over, you will be transported to the first level. If you want an explanation for the beginning, it is three days after the events of the entire game (which, of course has not been complete) and basically we find Mario in the position he was in the ending of Super Mario Odyssey, only with no Bowser around. I hope this answers you question and sorry that I took too long to reply.

You have cleared up a lot of confusion I had towards this game. It is really well done!

Just a notification concerning this game, there will soon be a major update to the animations of our plumber. These sprites will be based off of the New Super Mario Bros sprites and will be used from this incredible image from illustrator Niko. I am currently editing the image in order for Mario to have a correct coloration and move set. Soon, I will also have cheat codes (its actually really easy to do) and more updates. If you want to see the sprite sheet, the image name is “new_old_super_mario_bros-niko”. (To emphasize, I did not create this sprite sheet, nor do I own it.
Capt. Red Crab
(PS, My apologizes concerning my unavailability to communicate with anyone for a long period of time. Hopefully this occurrence does not happen again. Thank you for ((maybe)) playing my game.)