The Tower - 8bit game

Concept Art Gallery

The Campaign Mode is almost complete!


Update: The game is still not finished unfortunately. Here’s the link though, and some more art.

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Alright great game I’m officially part of your community now. Can I give you some feedback?

yeah, of course

alright do you have any discord server or other place for your community or just this topic?

The only thing i have to say about your game at the moment is just have all your art at the same size pixel, also known as pixel consistency. This will make your game look more professional

i can talk on the flowlab discord

it’s already all the same size…

On some of the sprites your using bigger sized pixels on the inside as for smaller pixels as the border. Also the text size is inconsistent.

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I just didn’t know if you had your own discord server for your work so I guess this forum will be the community

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the sprites i was given were 9x9 so they don’t import correctly into flowlab. all the sprites are here

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Make them in

it was for the jam, we could only use those sprites

I think i’m just about done level 4 of the campaign, time to make a boss fight

level four is too hard it’s almost impossible and don’t say some crap about it being easy and im crap at it because it literally is impossible

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it’s not that hard, you unlock the gravswitch to dodge all the enemies. I’ve beat it many times

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i beat it in 10 tries, skill issue

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You know what goodbye



Update: My friend has let me use some of his tracks in this game.
Voltage will be used for the boss theme
check his channel out: Tacti - YouTube


I forgot about this jam idea I did lol, gotta do that again.