The Ultimate Flowlab Crossover

Okay, so, whenever I finish my The Retroscape Game, I will begin production of a crossover game. This game will feature the leading protagonists - or antagonists - of popular flowlab games that include a story and/or narative. This is your chanve to have your character in the Game. Post bellow your Character, The Game, and the background. Even if the game is not finished - it probably will be when I finish my Retroscape Game (In about 6 Months). So far I have

  • The Synthwave Rider (The Retroscape)

  • Lithios (A Tale of Light and Darkness)

  • Porky (Porky’s Nightmare)

The Story:

When @Grazer is Infected by a Virus, His Alter Ego Flowlord, Uses Technology to open portals between flowlab worlds. Heroes from alternate dementions are recruited by Morton the monkey, Grazer’s creation, to save his master. But Grazer too plots against it, and In over 40 Levels of Platformer and Top Down action, Heroes band together to save the Universe in… The Realms of Flowlab

So post bellow! And if you wnat to use more than one charcter, be free to! I want to fullfil my goal of Over 10 or 12 Heroes. And When it begins in approx 6 months, more than enough time to finish off any last minute games, post what you want your character’s role to play in this! When it begins, We could even collab on a dev team, and work on it together, and then Hopefully @grazer Could feature it to show what the community all achived together - No Deadline yet but I will annoumce when close to a time to make more careful.decisions. Anyone in?

@“JR 01” @TinkerSmith @seamothmaster45 @GrimProductionZ @PixelPizza @Superstargames And loads more people I probably forgot… Thank You!

And hey Grazer maybe you could set this as an announcement I want people to see this regaurdless of forums because it is a sign up thing that will last for a while. :slight_smile:


… ohgodohgodohgod …

No @TinkerSmith , As long as you have a character and a story. Though if you have a name for the game that would be good to refrence where the character came from :slight_smile:

you can use my character if you would like

Hmm… Let’s see…

@“The Kodex”, you asked in my Porky discussion if you could add Porky into the game, and I approved. I think Porky should act as one of the villains. After all, in the story of Porky’s Nightmare (that I haven’t gone far into yet), Porky is a bloodthirsty robot bent on destroying mankind by luring people into his sinister and twisted games.
Hero Cube
In case you have no idea what on Earth the Hero Cube is, it is basically a buffed up version of the player in my game Pixel Sports. I am fine with the Hero Cube appearing in this crossover, and as his name suggests, he will be one of the heroes.
So I have provided my characters that could be used in this crossover. So does that mean I will collaborate in this video game? I am not sure yet. I am most active during weekends, and I have a severe trust issue with many people when it comes to my creations, for I have had a troubling past with one person who completely disrespected me and my creations. However, I trust @“The Kodex” with using two of my creations for this crossover game and this crossover game only. He has demonstrated to be a good and trusting person.
And to all of you reading this, in case you want to use my creations in your own games, you MUST ask me for permission first, and then credit me in the game if I approve. My creations will always be copyrighted and will never be in the public domain as long as I am around.

@Superstargames Thank you for giving me a mored detailed respons of your character’s role in this. I will make sure my game will not tarnish any of your characters and yes, I can make porky a villian. If you want to collab when the time comes be my guess, more information will be revealed as we begin production.

No problem. I am looking forward to how the crossover will go!

Use me boi Daniel from my game The Dead Rising

his name is Daniel

Yay! @seamothmaster45 and @GrimProductionZ It will be intresting to see your 2 protagonists Sam and Daniel meet…

YEEEEEEEEEES it will be noice

You’re welcome to use T.0.D.D. and other characters from A-Box if you’d like. You can use their likeness, controls, characteristics, etc. as long as the fit for the character, as some characters in the game speak differently. If you’d like to ask me questions if things will fit for the character, advice, etc., feel free to message me :slight_smile: this sounds really cool, and I’m down to let you use my characters.

EDIT: Just saw that you wanted to know the roles. Tell me which characters from A-Box you want to use, and I’ll let you know!

@rcreger Great! Personally I found your game inspireing and I would love to use T.O.D.D In my Game!

Updated Characters:

  • The Synthwave Rider (The Retroscape)

  • Lithios (A Tale of Light and Darkness)

  • Porky (Porky’s Nightmare) Villian

  • T.0.D.D (A Box)

  • Sam (Decimation of Mankind)

  • Daniel (The Dead Rising)

  • Hero Cube (Pixel Sports)

  • The Combat Car (The Combat Car Adventures)

Thank you for getting back to me! If you have ANY questions, be sure to @ me or message me to let me know.

P.S., T.0.D.D. is spelled with a zero, not an “O” haha

@rcreger Your welcome and clever. I updated it.

@CrimsonBlackGames I really hoped I could Use the main player from Starblast in his last game. It would feel a bit deep to have you leave flowlab without having you in the crossover.

Same with you @browngr . I only tagged him because he said he would still be on the forums, so I hope I can use the Agent from your Hack3r Game :slight_smile: Do respond if you get this @browngr .

Oh, and also I did hope to add the main protagonists of Nyctophobia by @“JR 01” , Outpost Omicron, by @todorrobot , and also The Teddy Bear from Tonight by @PixelPizza . If you do let me use him @PixelPizza , I have special uses for him or her…

Gosh, that will be a mega concept. Just to understand better, will it be kind of like “Ralph breaks the Internet”, where each level represents a different game?

In that case I think I would love the see ‘The Juggler’ in LCD land.
He his a bit suicidal and loves to juggle bombs to tempt fate.
Could be used as ‘hero’ to use them as weapons.
Or as a level boss. I imagine him on top of a Donker Kong style scaffolding tower juggling as a nutter and dropping bombs onto the heros while they try to get through.
Or… hmmm… as a twist, the player controls the juggler trying to keep the bombs up in the air so they WONT drop onto the protagonists.

That what you are asking for?

Yeah, Kind of @TinkerSmith . have you developed some sprites for him? If not, in the 6 months, that would be great whenever your free :bleep_bloop:

I have always thought that the crossover would work like this: In an overworld map, you get to decide which realm you travel to. Each realm represents a game that each of the heroes/villains come from (for example, a Retroscape realm, an A-Box realm, a Porky’s Nightmare realm, etc). Completing objectives in each realm will allow you to unlock the characters from that realm, as well as unlock new realms or new areas previously blocked off in other realms. Each character would also have their own unique abilities, and even have special powers (another example, Synthwave Rider could transform enemies into allies, T.0.D.D could stun enemies, and Lithios could create a ring of light that heals himself and, if this game would have a multiplayer mode, other players).
Regardless, I would love to see how the crossover would work, whether it is similar to the ones I just mentioned above or not.
Also, what would the name of the crossover game be?

Oh, and the creators of those games could appear in those realms to provide hints to the players and assist them with their goals.

@Superstargames I like that Idea a lot, Diffeent realms that you travel too which represent different games. But first, we need to decide the roles of the characters. You have already established Porky as a villian, and The Synthwave Rider is more of an anti hero, wether Lithios is like… A living android… T.0.D.D is a hero whom learned the way of life. And Realms can be Top down or platformer depending on what style the game was created in. And once we have enough characters for the game, maximum 30, we begin ultra planning… Also made some work on both my Retroscape Game and Retro Racing Mobile Game :wink: