This is just some art xd

yea this is unrelated but i just wanted to see what u guys thought of this
any of u play bee swarm simulator? lol

lol thanks for looking here, i took a long break before resuming my animation

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You may not know this, but a off-topic channel was opened for things like this.

So you can go ahead and delete this post and post these on the off-topic thread

Said off topic is mine i think
The Off-Topic Channel

Hey, I used to be addicted to that game. On roblox right, lol. I know you said it’s off topic, and I would somewhat agree, but I would never push aside art work. Plus I feel that making art such as that could help develop or increase future art styles for game art. So I wouldn’t easily say that’s it completely unrelated.

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ooof sorry i didnt see this til just now
yea true i guess this isnt completely unrelated also thanks :smiley:

i was banned from roblox by my mom she doesnt trust me

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