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Hello all!!

Welcome to Thorough Micro Reviews! Or TMR for short. I’m microgamer1. I recently started using and I thought I’d start doing my own reviews thread. I enjoy reviewing games very thoroughly, giving the developer as much information about their game as possible each time without withholding any possibly necessary information. This is probably the most detailed review thread you will find. I think it’s important to know all the issues of your own game, how serious they are, how they may be fixed, as well as the occasional check in to see how well any issues have been patched from previous versions. Developers need this to polish their games, and overall help them in the long run.

That being said, I’ll be giving an overall look on a multitude of game aspects, as well as a look at the whole game in general. I’ll also give all of these a rating from 1 to 10, and a TOTAL score based on the other scores, and the general look of the game. The categories for now are:

Music: I’ll be judging the music by a couple things. First, whether or not your game HAS music (unless your game somehow benefits from not having music). Second, whether or not the music is FITTING for whatever the scene is. Also judged with that is how good the music SOUNDS in general (again, unless your game somehow benefits from what would be considered a bad sounding piece of music). And finally, but honestly not most importantly, is it ORIGINAL? The music honestly doesn’t have to be original, but it 100% helps. PLEASE TELL ME whether or not YOU YOURSELF made the music. It won’t hurt your score if it isn’t, but if it is, it makes a game feel that much cooler to play, since the music is for THAT GAME.

Art: Art will be judged by three factors. First, whether or not you made the art. If you make your own sprites, you’ll get a significantly higher score in this department than if you use the premade spritesets or another game’s sprites, unless you are trying to make a clone of another game, such as a Mario remake or whatnot, where it’s appropriate to do so. Second, whether or not the sprites are fitting for the game and for each other. All your sprites should compliment the game and each other. If you want a simplistic looking game, don’t make one or two sprites SUPER DETAILED if it isn’t somehow appropriate. Lastly, whether or not your sprites look good in general. Make sure your sprites don’t look awful. They don’t have to be professionally made sprites to get a good score, but they shouldn’t look honestly bad (if not somehow appropriate).

Gameplay/Controls: This category will have many factors. First off, whether or not the controls feel nice to use. The control scheme should be as simple to use as possible and feel responsive to the player. Secondly, make your controls obvious. Tell the player the controls in game, or in the description, or something. They’re kinda important. Third, whether or not the gameplay is fun and manageable. Just don’t make the game extensively boring or unnecessarily frustrating, and you’ll be good. Fourth, whether or not there is creative level design. Make sure your game is designed nicely, and has some change as the game continues. Nobody likes the same level over and over again, just retextured. Also, have a difficulty curve in your level design. Don’t put the hardest obstacle first for no reason. Ease the player into the game, and have them learn. Lastly, BUGS AND GLITCHES. I’ll be reporting any and all bugs and glitched I find in your game, as well as info I have about them and what I can think of to help deal with them if I can. Their detriment to this score honestly depends on how annoying, gamebreaking, and/or common the glitch is.

Concept: This one is simple. Tell me the concept of your game and I’ll be able to critique as follows. First, I’ll tell you how well you executed your game’s concept. If your shooter game looks like a shooter game, good deal. Then, I’ll critique on how creative and fun your concept is. It doesn’t have to be 100% original, but it for sure helps your score.

Difficulty: PLEASE PLEASE TELL ME how difficult your game is supposed to be overall, or how difficult whatever part are supposed to be. I’ll rate how closely it matches your description, but I’ll also mention my own difficulty rating in general, which WILL BE UNDERLINED.

TOTAL: Summation of all of the above.

This may be the start of something really cool, so let’s start this thing! Please be respectful of everyone in this thread, and feel free to send in your games for review, or even for a re-review of your game overall or compared to last time. If you want me to critique a certain part, let me know. If your game is a unique situation, let me know, and I’ll figure out how I’ll review it somehow. If your game is unfinished, gimme a heads up. All this helps me give such a thorough review. Expect me to try and mention everything I come across I find worthwhile mentioning. Good luck in all of your game creation, and I’d love to be a part of it!!

(PS, my reviews won’t be ^THIS LONG^ (PPS, it actually might be if your game is that big), but they’ll be very thorough.)

Should be a pretty easy game until hardmode.
Bosses should be difficult.
The music is obviously from Terraria!

Thank you for your submission @meburningslime !! It’ll take me a little while to review your game, as I want to play through this a good bit and I am unfamiliar with Terraria.

@meburningslime Here is my TMR for your Terraria Flowlab Edition.

I think this is a wonderful idea, even though I know little to none about Terraria, I got a feel for it pretty quickly. I think you’re doing a pretty nice job thus far, but you have some things to polish, fine tune, and fix. Also, again note I am unfamiliar with everything in Terraria, so I may point out things as unintentional when they really were intentional. So, let’s start.

Music: I think the music in this game is great! Obviously, the music is the most fitting. It’s a Terraria copy, with Terraria music. Great. The issue I’m having with it is that some music isn’t stopping when other music is starting. When I go to regions, sometimes the music from the previous region isn’t stopping, or it carries on to the menu when I die. I couldn’t find a rhyme or reason for it happening through playing the game, but I hope you can figure it out, because it is quite annoying to have multiple pieces happening at once, especially during a boss fight. (Although why was there Megalovania for that odd hidden boss? I’m assuming it was an easter egg :wink: )
I’ll give this a 7/10, but ONLY because dthe music glitch, which wasn’t too uncommon to happen. Otherwise, it would’ve been a 10, because it is literally the perfect music choice for this game.

Art: This is about the same situation as the music category, but without the audio glitching up! Obvious artstyle choice for the game: Terraria sprites for a Terraria game. The sprites that weren’t from Terraria looked great made sense for what they were! They were fitting and well made! There was one thing that threw me off, however: the lack of animation. I do believe Terraria has animated sprites, and seeing things slide across the screen was kinda weird to see.
Because of this, I’m giving a 9/10! Add animation and the art will be absolutely perfect for this!

Gameplay/Controls: I’d say the controls for this are pretty smooth, but there are quite a few issues in this general department I’d like to go over. The controls are nice to use, simple too! You tell the player everything they need to know about them in the description, except for the pickaxe and hammer(?). Maybe it was an axe? I couldn’t tell. I found a small bug with your jumping system. It appears the jump works by giving the player a jump whenever they land on something solid. If I run off a ledge, but don’t jump off of it, I can jump midair, letting me jump before hitting the bottom of a pit, and negating fall damage. There is one pretty decent problem with the weapons: the weapons are SOLID. This raises multiple issues. First, there is a jumping exploit. It also works because of the jumping system mentioned earlier. If I’m jumping, and also spamming any solid weapon, such as a Fiery Greatsword, forwards, the game may register that the player has landed on the WEAPON, allowing the player to jump again, rinse, and repeat. Also, sometimes you can get a sword, for instance, to clip through walls if you try and force it. It even becomes annoying when mining and the pickaxe pushes ME back. I would fix all of this by making the jump system ONLY work WHILE you are standing on a solid object, and make the weapons not solid, and gave them collision. They should disappear when they hit a solid object, but not each other, and the player shouldn’t be able to spam a single weapon with reckless abandonment. Right not, I can spam 1, 2, and 3 to my heart’s desire, use it as a jump exploit, and absolutely destroy anything in my path. Also, you can stick to walls. Not near as major as some of the things above, but you can kinda negate fall damage like that. One more thing with the controls, is it possible to place blocks with the grid using the modulus expression in the expression block? If you can, it would make building that much better. Now for the gameplay. I’d same the game is actually quite fun and manageable, given time to play it. (Again, interesting secret boss, couldn’t beat it.) I beat all the 4 main bosses except for what I believe was the Eater(s?) of Worlds. They were all very very cool bosses, but I feel they lose their spark when they’re directly on top of you, and their lasers (Wall of Flesh) won’t hit you, or Skeletron is one you and YOU can’t escape. His minions also spawned directly on top of me, and due to the physics, they stayed on top of me and I couldn’t shake them off. The game design for the world map was very impressive, although with the inability to place blocks in more that the two exact directions, there needs to be less direct fall downs, albeit you can mine down, but there could be one or two walkable caves down.
Overall in this huge category (only huge because of the size of your game, trust me), I’d score a 5/10. This section needs polishing and some relooking. The main reason you got this score is because of the exploits and issues with the controls.

Concept: This one is SUPER simple. It’s supposed to be a Terratia based game, and you made a Terraria based game, and pulled the concept off pretty well. Not much else to say here.
10/10. Take my money.

Difficulty: This one is almost as simple as the concept. You described the difficulty outstandingly. Pretty easy, except the bosses are difficult. My only gripes are over the Wall of Flesh exploit and Skeletron being a royal pain to not be practically consumed by, and his minions basically latching onto my forehead. I couldn’t figure out how to get to hard mode, so I won’t judge that, as I don’t play Terraria. Nothing was mentioned about it in game either.
Because of these minor complaints, this is getting an 8.5/10. Just make sure these bosses don’t literally position themselves where I’m standing and maybe make sure to explain hard mode a bit.

TOTAL: 7.9/10!! Nice job on this game, I can tell you really put forth an effort! There is some good polishing to do on this game, but I think it’s very manageable! What is there is VERY GOOD, and I’m looking forward to seeing more if it!
Unmentioned suggestions: Maybe don’t let weapons spawn from chests if I already have them, same for followers/pets. Maybe organize the UI a bit. It would help to already know what the numbers mean! It’s a wall of zeros for all the player knows!

The only reason this review was THIS EXTENSIVELY LONG was the size of your game, so don’t sweat it. There’s some polishing to do, but that’s about it! Good luck!

Thanks! I have a gew things to say. First, just look at the player character program. It. Was. Scary. I will try to add some of these features, but sadly I can’t figure out the grid-positioning blocks. The Eater Of Worlds boss should be the only boss that breaks the music, and that’s due to the fact that the boss is EXTREMELY complicated. Skeletron is supposed to be a boss where you run and hit behind you, and both skeletron AND the Wall of Flesh are almost impossible to beat without the multiplayer. I don’t really know what you mean by Skeletron’s minions. The megolovania music boss is an easter egg, thanks! Hardmode is still beta, but the corruption gets much tougher if you beat the wall of flesh (thats how you get to hardmode!)
Thank you for the graphic 9!
The glitchy swords are super hard to fix, but i’ll try! See, unless you are flying, the sword would have a collision with a ground block, which would break it. The jumpy glitch is supposed to be there, because since you can’t fly I start your character with a shoe spikes set, which is an item that allows you to grapple on walls. Yes, it IS a hammer. An axe is pretty much useless in Terraria! I will work on the spam glitch and phase glitch. Thanks! :wink:

No problem man! I can see why a lot of it would be really complicated! I just always want to point things out just in case. I’m looking forward to how this turns out!

I really like your in depth reviews! Here, I would like it if you could review my game, A Boy in Armor. This will be a change in pace in games, as it is a story based game, though there is some attacks and a sprint. Here is the link:

Thanks, and good luck with the reviews!


Your favorite game from Learning Acrobatics With Knifes Studios (L.A.W.K.S).
W, Space bar, Or up arrow, to jump.
R to restart level. (If you get stuck then it automatically after awhile, but you should just press R).
On the main menu there is a icon in the top left to reset your save, top right to go to shop, and skins.
Click your character to go to the main menu.
there’s only 8 levels at the moment.
The game is supposed to be a Runner, and should be moderately difficult.
I did NOT make the music.

  • Sincerely L.A.W.K.S Chief Executive Officer, ToastMaster.

@rcreger and @ToastMaster64
Thank you for your submissions!! I’ll get to these in a while, I have some homework to finish up.

What difficulty would you say your game is, if it has one (since it’s supposed to be a story based game), and did you make the music (again, assuming there is any)?

@microgamer1 ,

This game does not have difficulty, as much difficulty you would have reading a book and trying to find as much informations from it, secondly, this is default FlowLab music and FX, which I tried to use sound in as much as I could.



Thanks! Looking forward to reviewing this in a while!!


ALSO @ToastMaster64

You may want to actually link the game, it’s kinda useful.

Not trying to be rude @microgamer1 , but what is it? It’s just a pink/salmon color with a green dot for me :lol:

Might as well;

It’s literally that :lol:
I thought it up in two minutes, easy, simple, micro
May change it eventually
People will probably remember it the next time they see it too so :lol:

@“JR 01”
Could you tell me what type of game it’s supposed to be beforehand, as well as its intended difficulty and if you created the music? I mention to include these in the initial post, so please include them in your submission, as it helps judge certain criteria.

Thanks, Micro

Makes sense, but I would think you would do a pixelated magnified particle or something, but this makes sense @microgamer1 !

@rcreger It does to me at least :lol:

@microgamer1 I mean you could’ve just searched the name but,

@ToastMaster64 Sorry! I didn’t know that searching up usernames worked as well as looking up game names. However, it is just a bit more convenient to put the link in with the submission. Thanks for clarifying though.

@microgamer1 Its not your fault, im just stupid for not including a link