Thrall update 7/14/2021

Latest update includes the following: Flowlab Game Creator - THRALL

    added 2 new features to the menu
  • Stamina Boost
    200 xp to boost 50+ stamina points
  • Aerial Attack
    300 xp to activate a leaping attack causing critical damage to enemies
    ( using Z button ) - still trying to refine this attack and its animation but it works
  • mountain ghouls have a new damage animation
  • Mountain ghouls are more challenging adding a counter attack as well as an evasion and better chase
  • Wolves have better attacks and are faster and more dangerous
  • camera is focused on Bosses
  • Mountain Cultist


thank you


Yes, more Thrall content! Can’t wait to check it all out:D

Also, plan on doing the FlowJam?


I’ve been excited for this game for so dang long, it’s fun to play it— I think the most thrilling part being the art and story.


more to come, planning something bigger and better to add, just need to focus and stay motivated. i probably wont have time for flowjam but i would love to do one. if i do youll surely notice. thanks for your support and stay tuned !


this game has come a long way, was my first flowlab creation. i struggle with walk and run animations but im getting better lol thanks for your comment, any feedback or ideas for future updates feel free to let me know!


Wow, this is amazing! I haven’t checked out this game in quite a long time, and I must say that I am impressed. I didn’t intend to play the game for this long but it was fun.


The bear fight was amazing, even though it was some issues (player reappearing on the other side of the screen after being grabbed). I totally did not expect to fight a bear.

Honest Feedback:
(These are just my thoughts, they can be a lot - so feel free to either read/analyze or ignore them completely ahah - I’m just writing this much because I actually think there is potential on this game)

  • I’m not entirely sure how to open chests, maybe showing the key (I feel like I just need to walk over) or playing an animation of the chest opening might help to indicate that I’ve already collected the chest.

  • The tutorial is a bit confusing as I have to fight the moment I enter the game, again, showing the controls on screen would be a great addition.

  • The story seems interesting, really action-focused but I still like it.

  • The cutscenes and all the dialog in this game are incredible.

  • It has great art and I like how the game environment, time, and weather change throughout the game.

  • Performance-wise this game runs pretty well for a game of this size. You’ve beaten me on that one. Maybe I should learn from you ahah.

  • It would be great if there was an option to manually turn on/off full-screen, either on the pause menu or a key. (not really a fan of auto full-screen but that’s just my opinion).

  • The combat is also nice, even though a bit repetitive and I didn’t really need a strategy and was just spamming the attack button a lot. I think it would be nice if the player had a more clear indication that they took damage (besides the health bar lowering). Having the enemies briefly flashing red or white when they take damage, in addition to the damage animation, could improve combat feedback.
    I’m also never sure if I did parry the attack successfully, I don’t think there is any game feedback (correct me if I’m wrong).

Overall, pretty nice game. Congrats :blush:


Awesome game! I have nothing more to add to the suggestions. It was fun and I look forward to seeing more from the “series”. :slightly_smiling_face:


thank you ! im stuck on something at the moment so its kind of holding back production. but with everyones feedback when i drop these updates it helps make the game more enjoyable not just for me but the players.


the controls are in the tutorial , and the description but ill try and make them clearer somehow. basically you need to purchase the slash and kick power up from the unlockables menu so you can kick the chests open. it costs xp to make xp you know what im sayin. full screen doesnt work on most computers i went to best buy and pretty much left all there laptops open on thrall and i played them on all of them and some computers do it auto and some dont but ill make like a little toggle thing in a corner or something.
the combat is as good as its going to get for a 2d game with the tools provided, unless you truly have a solution, lmk id love to improve it. i want it arcade but realistic at the same time. ill think about making blinking sprites or numbers emitting from the player and or enemies indicating damage taken, the flood and sound effects where supposed to be the damage indicator tbh. you can purchase more attacks and moves using xp and come up with your own combos , still adding stuff currently.

and also lol nice to see u again


Isn’t it funny how you can be on a roll, game is coming along nicely, and then one stupid little detail brings the entire project to a screeching halt? :man_facepalming:


*blood i type fast lol

for real , im terrible at walking and running animations thats what the problem is atm , im working on new enemies and new biomes right now

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I tend to get stuck more on coding stuff. Like, I can make 100 things, and 99 of them are working well, but the 1 that doesn’t is kind of important to the entire concept… and I don’t want to make any further progress until I’ve fixed that one thing, because if I can’t fix it, I’ll have to come up with a different idea and that will require me adjusting everything else I’ve already made… argh!


i totally get that, happens to me all the time

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Just wanted to reinforce that I really mean that this game is incredibly well-made for the flowlab standards - My feedback has no intention of pointing out mistakes or anything like that. There isn’t any stupid little detail that brought the entire project to a halt - @TGW, the game is great besides my thoughts.

Alright, got it, I didn’t know I needed to purchase power-ups to open chests.
Now that you mentioned that I can buy power-ups and more attacks, I need to play the game again, it probably is a lot easier/fun.

For how long have you been working on this game?


That reply was meant to be a direct reply to this:

I was replying to that because I know the feeling. Game progress is going quickly and perfectly, then one tiny little detail gets you stuck for hours… :slightly_smiling_face:

Like the Flowjam game I’m working on now. Apparently the timers are bugged so my pause function isn’t working the way it should. It’s a seemingly minor issue, but if the timers are going to keep running while the game is paused, that could potentially break my entire game if someone leaves it paused for 10 minutes or so and they come back to a million things spawning all at once.

Been testing workarounds for it, but I might ultimately have to remove the pause feature entirely. Which is a shame, because my game is not meant to be completed in a short amount of time… and I want the players to be able to at least take a bathroom break.


Ah, I see, my bad.
Also for your problem, You could try and reset the timers when pausing. And start the timers once the game resumes.
If you need help you can message me on discord (if you don’t want to share the link publicly) or create a Discussion here


Grazer already confirmed that the timer issue is a bug. I might be able to find a workaround for it, but I still need to finish other stuff in the game first, and since I only have a week left to finish it, I don’t want that to be the thing that holds me back from submitting in time. If it’s still broken by the time I’m ready to submit, I’ll just remove the function from the playable part of the game (but leave it in the code so that I can easily add it again later).


Pixelpizza just gave you a resolution to the issue though-

reset the timers when the game is paused and start them again when the game isn’t paused.

(if you have lots of objects, make a “timer” object, and set it as the parent to all objects that have a timer, when sending a message send it to the “timer object”, in all the objects with a timer just add a mailbox resetting or starting the timer… this will reduce the workload).

i started this game last year it was very slow because i didnt know how to use flowlab at all and had to learn everything through trial and error while also trying to follow tutorials. i improved the tutorial for you lmk what you think. i appreciate your feedback. feed back means everything to me.

ps i enjoy your games ive played a few of them