Tileset help please!

sooo, what i need is a tile set chooser based on if a object is next to it simalar to the heuchler
for this animation please just send screenshot. thanks!



Just use once → raycast and make it use logic gates to pick the correct one, it may take a bit though since it requires a lot of trial and error until it’s perfect


Use a series of raycasts hooked up in four directions, then have them go to a frame in an animation accordingly.


If your raycasts find a block for all four sides, then it’s a center block.

If your raycasts can only find a block on the top and on the left, then it’s a bottom right corner block.

Etc, etc.


pretty much this, a trick I did is to add a certain number if a ray cast hits and then use filters to figure out which frame of an animation to play

Mine is a little complicated but that’s because I have a lot of different animations


This is a good example of the system I was describing. Don’t copy it exactly, though; only do what suits your needs :slightly_smiling_face:

I have a complex example for tilemaps with every angle needed, but I can make a simple one right quick.

hmmmm lets trim that circut board

why thank you, @JR01 !
I suprised no body made an example for this by now

Because you can’t make an easy copy paste version of this

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Agent_Y is right, plus you literally never make these systems for yourself, nor do you even try when we explain how to do it. You’d probably be 5 times better at coding if in the past you didn’t just make most of your code our code.

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I have made an example, like I said its very complex but allows for the most specific map arrangement. This is my post on my Advance Tilemape system.
Tile Map System - JR 01

Your map is very simple, so you don’t need the complex stuff. I’ve been meaning to make a simple version for a while anyways.

Just be sure to match the animation found in the ground block.

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What I did in the Heuchler was a lot of code and ray casting, but it was basically like:
Right and left raycast hit, horizontal wall
Right and top raycast hit, bottom left wall

It was a once that detected ray casting in all four directions and depending on what was hit would change the animation of the wall.

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