Transformers: Flowlab Laser devlog

Lol I just recently started playing again. The game still has all the old characters and fun, but with a lot of new characters. It still seems to be going strong over 9 years later. Also the song from the game “Battle for Piggy Island” goes so hard.


Nice, G2 Laser Optimus Prime.

I got the recolored figured as G2 Universe Scourge on sale.


Thanks. I thought of drawing Laser Optimus because the game is called laser, because all the weapons in the game so far are lasers lol.

OOh where? Also I’ve been meaning to ask, which flea market do you get all those cool Transformers finds from?

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I get most of my newer figures from Walmart since the store buys a ton of unwanted figures and has them on the shelves for months at a time until they become on clearance. There’s like several bumblebee movie figures, several Leader Class galvatrons (1986 movie) and many others that not many people or collectors want. I really didn’t want a G2 Scourge, but it was the closest I could get to a G2 laser prime so I picked it up for like $35 instead of the usual $55 there.

Many other finds are at various local thrift stores and flea markets. A neighboring town has several places I like to hit up and I usually don’t go home empty handed.

Although someone dumped their entire original G1 collection at a thrift story in town and I spent over $100 and bought every figure. Which I’ve already showed.


I see. Thank you. I’m in Canada so my Wal-Mart’s clearance Transformers are all Cyberverse-related from my knowledge. That’s how I got warrior class Windblade for 10 bucks. :crossed_swords:


Once I have better income, I may start buying third party figures such as Dr. Wu or Newage figures since they are a lot more quality than Hasbro.
For now, I just stick with flea market and clearance finds, lol.

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Me too.
Product Search Page (
BBTS Newage Transforners low to high prices

Best Arcee figure

(I saw a review some guy made and he showed that she has magnet feet just like the 2002-2004 Spider-Man movie figures)

Today I:

  • __
  • Added character names on the menus when you hover over their level buttons
  • Made it so that enemies stop shooting when they go off-screen (thanks OriginsOrange)
  • made a G2 Megatron loading screen (because the game cover is a version of G2 Optimus)

Anyone want to develop this with me?

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Are you recruiting member for a team?

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Yes. Currently this game is a part of GamougGaming Studios, which is my dev team for Gamougg, but that may change if enough people choose to join for this game specifically. I know only of three Transformers fans on Flowlab, myself, ManiacPumpkin, and Capps (who is a Discord-only guy pretty much, inactive).

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Im a transformer fan! I don’t know much about it though, my parents barely took me out to watch transformers movies and they never ever tried to stream one on TV. So I’m probably missing out on so much and I don’t even know about it. The last transformers movie I saw was the one where Bumblebee was the main character. I don’t even remember half of that movie.


I see. Nice! That’s unfortunate… Although…

That’s simply called Bumblebee, and it came out in 2018. The new movie, Transformers: Rise of the Beasts is coming out this year on June 9th, maybe you could ask your parents to go take you to see it. I just recently watched Bumblebee for the second time this March after seeing it back when it first came out. The other Transformers movies can be found on IPTV (not iMDB) if you have that. Certain countries might have the 5 movies on Netflix, but I don’t know if any of them are available in North America, and I know for sure that none are in Canada (I watched them all on IPTV).

Transformers: Prime, Cyberverse, Armada, and Beast Wars are all on YouTube for free if you want to watch those. The original 1986 Transformers movie is available there too. It’s part of the original cartoon series and takes place in between season 2 and 3. The movie is often considered to be the best one in the franchise and still has new toys being made of it and sold right now.

The current Transformers toylines are Studio Series, Generations: Legacy, Buzzworthy Bumblebee, Rescue Bots Academy, and Rise of the Beasts. For a while though, these were overshadowed by the War for Cybertron Netflix series and classic Beast Wars rereleases around 2019-2021.


Nice! I might try to watch those today!

Nice, I agree. Oh I forgot to mention that the entire first (1984-1987) cartoon is on there too. I would recommend that or Prime because those are the most highly regarded ones. Prime also has a bit more violence in it because it was released in 2010, back when the Michael Bay Transformers movies were still in full swing. It also has a darker story as a result, and I am currently rewatching it as if for the first time because I haven’t seen it since it came out.


I had decided to watch Cyberverse. Thank you for the epic information I have been given.

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No problem choom. I hope you have a great day and roll out!


Fun fact: the background for the movie Autobots section of the main menu is an actual photo (cropped) that I took of the ride entrance for Transformers: The Ride 3D while I was at Universal Studios Orlando. It’s very unique compared to the photos of the ride entrance you can find on google because they all have bright blue skies, while my photo has a grey sky and different lighting due to the time of day and lack of a professional camera. I took it with a Samsung S6 phone.


Full character roster plan. Those with a checkmark emoji are finished and playable, while those with nothing are WIP and those with an X emoji are not completed/added yet.


  • Optimus Prime :white_check_mark:
  • Bumblebee :white_check_mark:
  • Optimus Prime (movie)
  • Ironhide (movie)
  • Bumblebee (movie) :x:
  • Defensor :x:
  • Arcee, Sideswipe, or Windblade :x:


  • Megatron
  • Barricade (movie)
  • Starscream :x:
  • Soundwave :x:
  • Megatron (movie) :x:
  • Blackout or Bonecrusher (both movie) :x:
  • Devastator❌
lore GIF


Guess what scene this guy’s gonna be in

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