Vehicle Battlefield Cover Contest!


This contest is simple. I need a new cover for my Vehicle Battlefield game. I am making a lot of updates and the current cover is quite boring. I just finished drawing a cover I thought was quite cool, but the game didn’t save it. This is why I’m hosting this contest.


Font: Magenta
1: The name Vehicle Battlefield needs to be on the top or bottom.
2: JUSPTPLAINOP on the cover somewhere, make it a smaller font size. (OPTIONAL.)
3: The name needs to be shown on the cover.
4: The cover needs to contain a picture of a Tank and/or a spacecraft (From the game).
5: The cover needs a camouflage background (Green) or a space background (With stars).

Thos are the requirements for the cover. I’d love to see this in different art styles. Please try to make writing centered and drawing even.
The contest ends on the tenth. The winner’s cover will be added to the game, and the winner will be featured in the credits. This is a small, unofficial art contest.

1: Have fun
2: No evil pictures of writing on the cover
3: The cover needs to fit the aesthetics of the game.


Until then, have fun!
Good day to you all,


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All of this on a cover would look really ugly.


The writing can be very small. I tried it, it looks fine. It just needs to be shown somewhere.

Very creatively limiting.

Essay body (9 lines excluding images and quotes)

These are moderately unnecessary. Look at other game covers on Flowlab for inspiration:

I’m trying to phase out unneeded text on my game’s cover and just making recognizable art pieces like the original Jurassic Park movie poster, and yet I see people struggle to make appealing and recognizable posters/covers regardless of art skill, all because they add too much text, characters, or noise. Murder in the Refrigerator instantly stands out because its a memorable yet simple sight: a donut wearing sunglasses and holding a gun. That game’s cover is like the Flowlab equivalent of the Jurassic Park or Jaws movie posters.

Sometimes showing all the major characters looks good, like the original Star Wars, but it is way too overdone and overused these days.

This is very unnecessary.

To conclude simply, blunty, and inoffensively, all of these requirements are “bogus” and I will not participate in a contest that seems to have such little thought put into it. One of the best designed games on Flowlab should, in my opinion, have a cover that is worthy of it.


i’ll do this soon!


Idk, you could color this or something


I changed the requirements a bit:

The Flowlab name can be written in a small font size.

I love the drawing!
Ok. I’ll be saving all of the entries on Google Slides. Keeping track of them on a topic might be a little annoying.

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@JUSTPLAINOP is there a size requirement?

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If the cover is made using Flowlab, the size should be 32 X and 22 Y.

Why would you make it using Flowlab when you can upload images for game covers/screenshots? There are countless better tools for this. I suggest using Pixilart to make upscaled pixel drawings (for the characters, or vehicles in this case) and a photo editor to make a background and put the characters on there. Make sure to download your characters that were made in Pixilart in both the original/smallest size they were drawn, AND a random bigger size to use in the photo editor.

Additionally, I believe that the main reason (and perhaps only reason) why your game cover didn’t seem that good to me was because of the sheer amount of pointless and/or noisy text that made it look ugly (to use Pixel Name’s word). I think if you removed all the text save for the title even the ugliest arrangement and/or art could work. Removing the title as well could make it look even more good.

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im sorry, but that tank looks like a melted ice cream painted shades of green and blue with one of those straws sticking out, the title looks awesome though


yeah i know

I could edit the picture. I like the concept of having the Flowlab (whatever it’s called) on the front of the tank. I will Cobine Pug’s concept with Hong Jooni Pooni’s for now.

Contest ends on July 10th 2023.

Darn, I’m worse than pug:

mine is trash, actually, i’ll delete it

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Best one imo. Maybe just make the tank significantly wider so it looks more identifiable, otherwise it looks perfect to me.

JUSTPLAINOP, I think I realized why your art looks amazing and bad at the same time. It is because you are applying traditional art techniques and rules when you need to be using specific pixel art ones. In pixel art, you have to do more with less. You can’t just draw the same way you would on paper, as there is more creativity involved. You make really good art and have excellent understanding of art fundamentals, but you’re using them in the wrong place. If you haven’t already, check out Saint11’s tutorials for pixel art. Additionally,

here is some pixel art advice I gave to a random Discord user copied word for word from the messages I sent (hue shading tutorial inside).

I make pixel art. I would say that if those things hanging off the little green fella are legs, I would hide them assuming that the blue part of the mech you got there is a cockpit or something that the fella fits into. Pixel art is about “doing more with less”, which means that you really have to get creative in order to make something look good and/or recognizable.

In this case, upon first glance, I thought your guy was the entire thing, and that the fella and the mech were one character with a robotic body. But after taking a closer look and rereading your message, I saw that it was not. Also the shading on the fella looks barely visible and therefore is pointless. Either remove it, increase the contrast, or do another thing that pixel art shading has: “hue shifting”, which means to change the color in one direction a bit (example below).

Also use pixel perfect when drawing. It is a standard feature in nearly every pixel art program, including the Flowlab sprite editor.

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Yep, I agree, I had the same issue when I was a beginner, and I think you either switch pixel size to kind of conform and train you style into a more pixel art style or just do lots of practice



The contest ends in one day. (July 10th, 2023). If you are planning to join, you only have one day. If you need more time, tag (@) me and I might extend the contest time.

The contest is over. The cover is this: