Vehicle Battlefield Dev Log


On the planet Earth, in the year 2053 the World War three started and it seemed the battle was on the enemy’s side. There was little hope for the country. They wanted to find a way to defeat their enemies before things got bad. They had multitudes of soldiers try to destroy the enemy’s power source, but they had all failed. If the power source was taken out, the Enemies went with it. They sent one more soldier.

The soldier was sent on a mission. He was to succeed where others have failed. He was to eliminate the enemies of the humans. His mission was to destroy the enemy military ground base and once he had, he was commissioned to destroy the enemy’s commanding space shuttle. He left for the military base in 2054.

“I’m at the wall. I haven’t been spotted, at least I think I haven’t. Open for teleportation, out.” The soldier transmitted through his Radio. The soldier had found a safe brick-walled room in the middle of the base, and he had a plan to teleport himself into the room.

“Copy that, are you sure you want to go through with this mission? In case you don’t remember, you witnessed the death of someone who tried to infiltrate this base and failed, and your plan is to teleport yourself straight into the middle of the base? Out.”

“Yes sir. I will kill them all. I am equipped with the highest tech cannon the world has created. Teleport me to the base, out.”

“Fine, don’t get yourself killed. Teleporting you in three, two, one. Teleporting you now.” The standby assistant said as he pressed the teleport button. He was worried about the soldier, for the soldier was a friend of his.

This is where you come in. Pilot the tank and the spaceship and complete the mission. The mission starts… NOW!



I have another update. I used ImmaDavidJamal’s example for a custom cursor to add a cool red cursor (Check out my art station).

I also made new animations for all of the main menu objects. Instead of a red outline, I added a little white arrow that is on the left of the objects.

Expect more small updates like this. I have so many things to improve. I still have 8 objects to use on updates. I will buy indie sometime for a month and enhance it to a final, polished, vehicle game. I will also sell it on google play. I have no idea when I’ll be ready but it might be sometime this summer or next (2024). I need at least three free weeks to work on it (So I don’t waste my indie), that are work-free.
@John_Shrekinson @ItzBlob @nhgcr_for_the_3rd_time @CodeAlpaca

That is all for now,



I asked you already to stop pinging me.

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Hey, I just saw the cover art and think that it lacks some sort of recognizable image, so I might draw a new one you can use for fun. No offense and the background is nice, but you’d expect a tank on the box art or something, right?

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I might make a new cover for the game. I myself think the current one is quite plain. I’ll need to see the cover (You draw) before adding it.

Yeah, and maybe a spacecraft.

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UPDATE 3 (First half)

I am hosting a contest for the cover of this game. The contest is here.

I am making a cursor customization system. It’s a minor update but will likely take some time. For the new sprites, go to my art station.

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UPDATE 3 (Second half)

I have finished the custom cursors. There are three different cursor types that the player can choose from.
One of the options is a classic pointer. I originally made the cursor always spin but I edited that. Now 2 of the cursor options spin and the pointer doesn’t.

Cursor bundles:


The start and stop outputs, as stated, start and stop the rotation. Both cursor types that are supposed to spin go to start and the pointer goes to the stop output.

Inside the 'Size' bundle:


Inside the 'Position' bundle:


Inside of the New Cursor bundle. The message bundle is inside the new cursor bundle. The message bundle holds the mailboxes that receive the messages from the objects the player uses to choose a cursor type.

Simple coding of the 'Rotation' bundle:

As expected, I have finally run out of objects. I just made seven new objects and that was all that was left. Although I have written an entire page, this is a minor update.

@ItzBlob @Hong_Jooni_Pooni

Thank you for reading this far. As always, look on my art station for the new sprites.

Good day!

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Small update

So, many of you have requested better art. Seeing that I’ve run out of objects, that’s just about all I can do. I will make a new breaking block.
The current breakable block is a darker version of an original sprite. I intend to change that today. I will also have to make new animations.

Well, that’s all for now,

Good day,
@Hong_Jooni_Pooni @ItzBlob


I updated a sprite. Hmm, I wonder which one it was…

Large Update:

Things that I completed today:

  • Extreme relief
  • A new object-efficient cursor system
  • Eliminated the boss spawner
  • Saved another object
  • Coded a cursor saving system

This took all of my free time today. I feel as if I’d just won the lottery (Because I completed the cursor savings system.) Anyways, that’s all for today, bye!
This was from yesterday.


Now that spaceship 1 only has horizontal thrusters, it will also have cursor-directed movement.

Should I edit this?:


I made a few sprite updates! First, I made a better play button:
Second, I made a label appear when the game is paused:

I’m also planning to do a little spritestacking…


Nice, there you go, that looks way better



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Ok, the spritestack it finished. I had to use another one of those precious objects, but it was worth it. The result looks pretty cool.

were is it

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You’ll have to find it. I mushed the layers together until each layer was less than a pixel from the other.


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Yep! Does it look good?

yep :smiley:

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