We need more Characters for Flowlab: All Stars featured! (super smash bros style game)

plz list more characters to be added to the game! (credit will definitely be given because u know.)


check the stage ideas hes in my stage idea video

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i already know about catsmith… and the stage…

good gtg bye (Maybe i should add him myself

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What is “All stars” about?

@Electronic_Studio in the realm of light, darkness has awoken and has spread throughout each universe, the voice (an unknown character) has called all the heroes from each universe to come to the realm of light and destroy the darkness before it covers all, but, each hero thinks that the other from a different universe is evil, so they fight (which is why we have the online mode where you fight another hero) but in the end, they realize they are on their side, and they all work together to destroy save the multiverse.

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Alright… what characters are accepted? Heros? Anyone lmao? and it’s a game right?

And who does the art? + a ton of questions lmfao

you can do the art or i can, if you can do the main art for the character, if its simpler enough i can finish it, but if its complicated than you can finish it, but it cant be the work of a 5-year-old xD

heroes. but if you have any boss ideas, that would be great.

Hah, just so you know I SUCK at and HATE pixel art, and when it comes to animations, I’d rather adobe animate XD

So ummmmmm, I think i’ll pass for art

I can list players (heroes) and do some coding at most? Plus I have a free account (I’m not planning to stay that way but, yeah).

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okay so you wanna be part of the team? if so tell ramshackle i said add you please.

and great, what heroes ideas did you have in mind?

Yes please, (I had to add this text)

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I need to know what heroes are already there.

go here: Characters for Flowlab: All Stars

@ShadowGaming I looked at it, from what I’m seeing, you have to list the hero and the possible attacks?
Am I correct?

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yes u are (2022020202)