Website Crash Issue

So @grazer asked is a previous discussion that I make my own thread about this issue, so here I am.

Every now and then, the browser freezes for a few short seconds, and then blinks and goes back to normal. This happens at least 5 times every time I open the browser. While this isn’t much of a big deal on other websites, here on Flowlab, the game crashes and any edits made to the game are erased. If you quickly press “OK” before the crash finishes in the behavior editor, the behaviors will be saved. However, if you were to repeat this step in the sprite editor, EVERYTHING within the sprite art (animations, colors, even the sprite itself) will turn into a mess of pixels and glitches. Instead, you would have to not press OK at all in the sprite editor when the crash happens. You’ll lose your past progress, but at least your sprite as a whole is preserved.
A while ago, I decided to open the console log after this glitch/bug happened and I found this warning:

Apparently, something happened that caused the website to lose some data considering a game and it just crashed in the process.

I mentioned earlier that this bug happens at least 5 times before stopping, and when that happens, a few random things happen:

  • In the first, second, and fourth crash, the website just returns to normal, but all unsaved progress is lost.
  • In the third crash, all forms of texts, like labels and alerts, lose their color, and all unsaved progress is lost.
  • In the fifth crash, the games start running half as fast as they used to, even in the editor. All texts appear to be glitched out, and all unsaved progress is lost. The crashing stops universally, but the game acts like it is “broken”.

This bug has been happening to me for at least a year, but only now am I reporting it because of the following reasons:

  • I originally thought that this problem was exclusive to me since I made past attempts to tell other people, and even though they did help a bit, it did not solve the problem. Now I see that a similar progress loss issue is happening to @Ramshacklegamestudios and @GrimProductionZ.
  • This context loss issue happens regardless of what website or browser I am using, so once again I thought that it was exclusive to me. While other websites suffer no problem from this “crash”, for Flowlab, results can be catastrophic for my patience, which is normally very strong.

I hope that somebody can tell me what the problem seems to be here, and hopefully we can find a fix to this crash. :grinning: (Just to re-tag @grazer one more time)

Yes I have noticed this to one time it was so bad I couldn’t do anything for a week until @grazer sort of fixed. But I was on mobile so it was probably why worse.

Yeah, Flowlab isn’t meant to be used on mobile unless you are playing a game and not editing it.

Yeah i think i realized that lol, but any way I hope you come in contact with @grazer so he can help you with you problem cuz yeah that one is very annoying

I can confirm partially what @MetaNinja describes.
Sadly for me, once it freezes it is not coming back for me. Just a black browser screen and the browser itself does not response anymore.
So I can’t even enter console mode to see what is going on.

I can also confirm the slow down. If I notice it in time I normally restart the browser what seems to help.
Not sure if part of the problem is memory related, because sometimes Windows (7) gives me a low memory warning.

Seems to happen more often on Firefox, less on Chrome.

As mentioned somewhere else, I always thought it’s my crappy internet and stoneage PC :slight_smile:

A black browser screen also appears for me, but refreshing the page helps me get back to where I was, although progress is still lost.
While I believe that this is a server side issue for our browsers in general, and is not Flowlab’s fault, I still want to see a fix about the whole progress loss thing. And I can confirm it’s not your PC’s fault, I have a Windows 10, and yet my browsers crash 5 times in less than 6 minutes at times. :laughing:

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I don’t mean to revive a dead topic, but I just wanted to say something…

So I got a new PC, and ever since then, the crashing seemed to have halted. But then again, I just entered Flowlab for just a few seconds to make sure my soundtracks were imported too. However, I won’t list this new PC as the solution to this bug, because not everybody can afford to buy a new PC just to fix a single crash. I just wanted to say that my part of the issue was probably on the technical-side of my computer. I won’t say anything else unless people say that the crashing has been fixed.

Have a good day everybody! :grinning:

I have the same problem, only my smart security automatically refreshes the game.

The last update had a bunch of crash fixes in it, so it’s possible that this has helped resolve your issues as well.

Okay, thanks @grazer for your help!