Website update - games page update and featured game

I just deployed an update to the games page:

  1. There is now a “featured game” which adds a small blue star icon, and bumps the game to the top of the list. The first game voted up was Awakening, by unanimous decision :slight_smile:

  2. Fixed a bug in the game search that prevented some results from showing

  3. Changed the game sorting. This is still in progress, but nobody seemed really happy with the sort by favorites+plays I had before. I now assign a score to each game that takes into account the plays and likes, but also tries to give games that have had a lot of updates over time a higher priority. I’m still tweaking it, and the results aren’t perfect, but I hope that this will allow newer games to work their way up in the results so that we don’t have the same handful of games at the top of the results forever.

So where did SB3 get placed? I cant seem to find it.

Wow. I hope one of my games get featured someday :slight_smile:

PS. The games seem better organized now that since the updates have been added, better games with less likes and plays but good quality at the top. Mostly. Lol

@grazer can you remove favorites now that they don’t work. My game has 0 favorites cuz its new
I wish my game could get to the top but I’ve been working on it for a while what do you guys think?

Just a question how do u flowlab becuz im far behind on this game making website

There’s a help page, tutorial videos and behavior cookbook if you need them.
Try those first, and if you can’t find what you need, you can make a discussion here, and forumers will likely answer your question within 3 hours. As long as it’s not repetitive and really easy, of course

@Bestotted_Puppy - the likes are fixed, thanks for reporting that.

@CrimsonBlackGames - it looks like SB3 is set to private, is that on purpose? That will prevent it form showing up in the search.

Oops. It is, that was to prevent tampering

Did you ever look into that proximity thing?

It’s sad my games are underrated. Same with CBG. I worked really hard on my graveyard game and it still has 0 favorites. Do you really think it would give me more motivation to keep creating games, @grazer ? I mean only the popular games in the first page are getting favorites, that’s nonsense. Okay Awakening deserves it but the other games like “Flappy Blue Bird” and “Example of a game” don’t. And now there are even more bad games on the first page. I hoped Cube’s Adventure or something to be there.

Also, when are you going to fix the emitting direction with flipped objects? It is annoying me a lot in the graveyard game.

Or the graveyard is just a bad game. Well, actually I think it’s not. Most people said it’s pretty fun but why didn’t they favorite it.

Thank you for featuring my game :slight_smile:

@Latif3 It’s true your games are underrated and I’m sorry you really deserve my favorite.
And the graveyard it’s really a good game. Don’t stop doing games. I kinda feel bad for it because i forgot to favorite games I like. But not anymore. Keep up with the good work

welp. SB3 is no longer private

I just hope we could get a dont allow editor opening setting

Mostly because I want to prevent cheating.

@Latif3 @CrimsonBlackGames @Luminous @PixelPizza and anyone else I guess:

The new sort algorithm somewhat penalizes older games, since a lot of new metrics have been added they only got recently. If you have examples of games that you think are unreasonably low, post links here and I’ll take a look and can juice their score a bit.

I agree with @Latif3 in that the top games seem to stay the same since it’s hard for a game to climb up from the bottom. The new scoring system is supposed to help with this problem, so we’ll have to give it a little time and see how things shake out.

One thing everyone should do to help their games rank higher: Click the favorites button! You can favorite your own game one time, and this will be a huge help to get it to start ranking - games with 0 favorites have a very small chance of ranking highly in the results.

I don’t want to be mean by doing this but oh well…

Buckets: Yeah i know it’s a published game and etc. And it’s not BAD but if you compare to other games it doens’t deserve the score it haves.

Flappy Blue Bird: It’s nice and “Oh I can do games like Flappy Bird Here” but it haves a lot of bugs and it’s not a WOW game.

Copy of Scaffold runner: It’s a exact copy of startrail. But I think this game is only on first page becuase of the new system

Example of a game: We already have the Super Monkey adventure as example and I like it. This one it’s super simple. More complex games deserve more score.

Super Smash: … I’m sorry

Doom 2d plataform:

Other games: i think it’s because of the system again

In my opnion the games that should be on first page are the games that inspire other people to do their games. To show that flowlab it's such a good software and everyone can do awesome things with it. And to promote good games made with flowlab.

Games that had my attention when I entered flowlab (and aren’t on first page):
Swarm -
Rude cube -
Ninja vs Robots - By grazer
Epic adventure - by grazer (The good thing in this game ,besides the graphics, is that it shows that we can do rpg games here)

I am just trying to be fair. I don’t want to look a mean, envious, jealous or convinced person.
And I’m sorry for the bad english.

@Latif3 - your Graveyard game (and drawgame, and square) were ranking low since they predate the new scoring system. I gave them a like so they started showing in the results, and juiced their score a bit to make up for the fact they they are old. They are all three showing up near the top now, lets give them a little bit of time to see how the scores shake out now that they are visible.

@grazer the embed site needs a flash button

@grazer Thanks! :smiley:

By the way, Square isn’t really a game, it was more like a test because I got a premium account for a short time and I wanted to try exporting to android.

@PixelPizza I think exactly the same about those games, and now I can believe you liked my Graveyard game. Or you are very suspicious, not sure :tongue: Oh and don’t worry about your English. I’ve seen people in other forums who spell almost every word incorrectly. English isn’t my first language too but when I read your posts it’s pretty normal, nothing wrong with it.

Also just noticed Cube’s Adventure is in @Latif4 … my alternative account wow
@grazer Is it possible to move it to my account?