Welcome to Plymouth Interactive Fables

Welcome to Plymouth Interactive Fables!
Let the Story Live

rcreger Games proudly gives the official name given to the titles A Boy in Armor and the soon to be A-Box. Let the stories live through you, and let the adventures begin!


Image credited to @ToastMaster64 .
I am willing for any suggestions for any games, concepts, ideas, and if you need any help with any of those, I will gladly help you out!

About Plymouth Interactive Fables

My games under the Plymouth Interactive Fables label is strictly a story game, which I let my imagination flow into the lives of the characters, and you can live on with them! Come and follow their adventures of self discovery, life, and beauty! Come, and let the story live!

The first adventure, A Boy in Armor: flowlab.io/game/play/1095375 , live the life of Antony, a boy who ran away from his home, from his widowed mother, who’s husband died in the war, his father. Antony takes his father’s armor, and tries to stop the igniter of the war, who is the cause of his fathers death. Antony’s loyalty is tested as he meets many others along his path to take down the tyrant… But maybe he will find something more important.

Testing new things, A-Box: flowlab.io/game/play/1148793 , you are a box. You awaken, confused, and uncertain who made you. All you know from your programming is that your name is T.0.DD, and that there is many hazards along the way to finding the secret. Guide T.0.DD through to let him find the truth of himself, and why he is there. This game has been recently put in the “featured” page.

A Boy in Armor is only story, meaning it has no obstacles of any sort. So you just have to find your way through the information and story of what Antony finds and what he’ll find through his life. This is not the same for A-Box, as T.0.DD is uncertain, and is very vulnerable. He can die from the mere thing such as water. You can play both now! Go check them out!

Thanks guys! Any new games will be posted here from a new account I will make for this specifically for Plymouth Interactive Fables. For now, I am still using this account, and I will alert you all when I will make the switch! Thanks!

@rcreger nice new photo

Thanks @“Johnny boy” . I finally made a name for the story games!

A Boy in Armor - Should I expand upon it?
(Spoiler Warning, this contains some secrets from the game you may not want to know before you play!)

A Boy in Armor was fun to make, but should I continue it? At the end, Antony dies, so I’m stumped as of how I would continue it. Maybe I could make it before those events? Maybe from Antony’s fathers POV? Tell me what you think! Should I make another, or should I leave it how it is? Thanks!

Here it is if you have not yet played it:

Give me feedback, and I would most appreciate it if you give it a like! Thanks again!

Also, if any of you reviewers/critics would like something to review, feel free to! Everyone has my permission as long as they tell me in this discussion they are going to. Good luck!

Nice studio name & logo @rcreger,
the blue is easier to look at than the red

Yeah, that is why my profile picture is the blue one @“JR 01” :lol: I might change it, but for now, it’ll stay till I edit it to a calmer blue. Thanks!

2 ideas for A boy in armor:

  1. yes the point of view of Antony’s father would be a great prequel
  2. You could also make oe of Antony going through the underworld (or heaven) then get sent back to earth to kill the bad guy (i forgot his name)

His name is Wolfhang, and I could do both of those, actually. A prequel, and a sequel. And him being sent by another place of which he goes after death (maybe something made up, since this is fantasy), and him granted a chance to kill the man who brought the wrath of war upon his father. I will have to some very interesting story types though, or some even more impressive visuals, so that the story does not bore the player with NPCs. Maybe some puzzles, or interactions.

For a prequel, it would definitely be combat based, I just wished I had Indie for it, so that I could make it more adventurous as you discover caves or something, but I’d run out of levels and objects quickly.

Both of these may come in later if I have Indie, or on my Plymouth account. Thanks to @MagmaDude100 for giving such great suggestions! It is also very possible I may redo A Boy in Armor on the Plymouth account with some minor improvements, but may make a big difference. This hasn’t been decided fully, so don’t expect it any time soon. Thanks again, and have a great day!

New Plymouth logo thanks to @ToastMaster64 ! Thank you so much for the hard work!


Possible future projects

A Boy in Armor prequel hosting of Antony’s father as the player, there would be enemies and severeal encounters with Wolfhang’s army members… But maybe some story with it?

A possible A Boy in Armor sequel, where Antony is given a second chance with life to defeat Wolfhang once and for all.

I prefer the prequel, but what do you guys think? Comment below! Thanks, and have a great day!

Bored Game Jams!

2 more days, guys! This Sunday, @ToastMaster64 @“JR 01” and @lolpinkshep will judge the submissions, so get ready, and get sending! Good luck!

Bored Game Jams!

The jam has been moved to next week! This will provide more time for you developers to submit your finished jams, and more time for the Bored Judges to rate them! Good luck!

Plymouth Interactive Fables wishes you a great Easter Day! Have fun!

Thanks to @ToastMaster64 (I’ve been thanking him a lot lately, haven’t I?), I have now new ideas how I can improve my WIP game, A Box. I will not be releasing any information, but if you want to check it out, just go to his review, LawkRD. Thanks to him, I can start with better ideas for it, but I might now apply anything for a while. Have a great day! I will keep you all informed!

huh… ya… I guess your right.

Well, anyways, that is the information for upcoming “A Box”!

Just can’t stop!

Even though I had said I’d be taking a break from it, I still yet edited A Boy in Armor. I have edited the animation of Wolfhang (most likely unnoticeable, but there is a change). Also, there is an Easter Egg in A Boy in Armor that I’d like you guys to try and find! Good luck!

Bored Game Jams!

This week has been extended to THIS Sunday! So get ready, for this weeks theme is plat-former, so get your imaginations ready for the jam! To submit, or for more information, just go here:


Thanks to all who participate! Good luck, and have a great day!