What do you think about my game Ghost Dash?

My game Ghost Dash is a new game that I just finished.

Ahh, I suggest it might @“Daniel Folston” :slight_smile: :0

Well, you actually can post a link for your game @Polarbeer2019 . If you want, you just have to tell me and I can do a review for you as well on my discussion Bored Reviews: forum.flowlab.io/discussion/6828/bored-reviews#latest . Thanks!

“The more opinions, the greater the outcome!” -rcreger

Well, even though @rcreger was here first you can always post it to MY discussion The Crigence Critique and get a high-quality review! https://forum.flowlab.io/discussion/6717/leave-your-game-here-and-ill-review-it-the-crigence-critique#latest

I actually suggest giving it to @Crigence 's critique… But still, c’mon :lol: . You should be proud @Polarbeer2019 , we’re practically fighting over you (People willing to be reviewed is hard to come by these days…)

Thank you @rcreger and @Crigence, thank you so much for answering, I’m so happy that someone answered to my message. You guys are awesome, you guys can do a review any time you want, I really just want to talk to people. Thank you again, you guys warm my heart. I don’t care who does the review so I’m just putting it out there.

No problem @Polarbeer2019 . Thanks for letting me review! It is finished now, so you can go an check it out.

Hey @rcreger, what do think about my bounce pad, I just hope Fortnite doesn’t take it down.I just changed my map, how is it, the only problem is that I can’t get my character to repeat left.

@Polarbeer2019 Jump pads aren’t a fortnite trademark. And they’re pointless in your game, because you can infinite jump.
It’s a solid first try for a kid, Tell you what you can improve your games by making a list of things you want it to have and then tackle them one by one.
Why is it named D-day? I was expecting a normandy or Omaha beach shoot em ups but i got this…thing.

1/10 you tried at least.

I suggest you think a little bit more of what you are saying @“Daniel Folston” . I have to say, some of the things you have said, if it either on purpose or not, has been a bit rude. Please consider. Thank you.

@rcreger My bad, I thought he wanted to know what I think about his game. Hence the title.
That’s what I think about this piece of flaming code. I honestly don’t care what you think or have to say. Stay clear.

… I’ve never seen anyone do this one in FlowLab before. I am amazed of what you just did, neither did I think you would have done this. I had looked up at you as a game developer, and you had such great ideas @“Daniel Folston” . I just hope you are not like this in real life. Good luck with everything.

Thank you @rcreger but @“Daniel Folston” you are a mean person. As a critic, you need to just calm down and give advice to people and not hurt people’s feelings.

You know what, leave my discussion @“Daniel Folston” and don’t come back. F*** off

@Polarbeer2019 hes that rude to everyone.

I know, sorry that I made that last comment on my discussion, I truly apologize.

Im talking about folston

I know, Folsten is a mean person that hates others, I hope he stubs his toe on a pizza box and steps on a piece of lego.

I get his point, but you COULD say something nice too @“Daniel Folston” . Then you would be more like @Crigence then well… @you.

He gives constructive criticism? Maybe?