What do you think about my game Ghost Dash?

I hope @“Daniel Folston” will take that into consideration, as that WAS his honest view.

Yeah, I hope he just speaks calmly and not be toxic in this wonderful community.

I’ve tried talking to @“Daniel Folston” before, but I think he doesn’t “care about what I say or think”… Who said that again?

Sorry if that seemed rude, it just gotten on my nerve after time.

:slight_smile: = -2



Yeah I hope @“Daniel Folston” fixes his rudeness it will not serve him well in life.

This discussion has gone majorly off track :lol:


this is my Pac-Man game I am working on. I AM NOT DONE FYI! Here’s the game : https://flowlab.io/game/view/1132857

Look at my review “Arcade Challenge”. @rcreger I NEED U!!!

Hey guys, do you think I can start a review discussion?

Hey @meburningslime, are you done my review yet?

Im sorry. Ive told everyone else this, the computer in my house is almost always occupied or unusable until the weekends.

Oh, okay.

It’s STILL bad, and you never fixed the Infinite Jump bug.

@“Daniel Folston” bruh

@“Daniel Folston”, will you just PISS OFF!!!

Dont listen to @“Daniel Folston” I think this is a good first game way better than mine.