Who wants **PRERELEASE ACCESS** to the upcoming version of Flowlab?

I have a new version of the engine and editor set up, but since there are some significant changes, I would like to roll it out to just a few people at a time until I’m confident that it is stable. Anyone here want access?

Here’s the deal:

  • You don’t need to be a paid member.
  • Just reply here that you want access - I’ll flip a switch on your account, and you will be automatically upgraded.
  • All I ask is that you report any issues you see, with as much detail as possible so that I can fix it quickly.
  • I would love to hear feedback about any changes that you love or hate :slight_smile:
  • Once I’m confident that the new version is ready to go, I’ll upgrade everyone.

Wait could I maybe. And what is new?

Thank you!!!

The and text and bars still move away when I reload… :’(

Hey gamr777 - maybe try clearing your browser cache? I just retested it and it;s working OK for me now. Post a link to your game and I’ll take a look.

The text is still moving away… https://flowlab.io/game/play/143496
It also isn’t loading right on the website! http://kirving604.wix.com/save-the-animals#!about/cee5

Hey gamr777 - thanks for the link. I think I have it figured out this time, the issue was that moving one label was affecting other labels on the screen. It should be fixed now, give it a try :slight_smile:

Also - embedded loading is fixed for your game. I just played to the end and beat the boss. Nice work, and thanks for helping me sort out these problems.

i wouldn’t mind this if the games that i’ve already created will be compatible, only reason i need compatibility is that the games i’m working on are for college assignments xD thanks!

I’m trying to keep it compatible, but there are a couple of cases where new features can cause an error when run in the old engine - so it might be best to wait until the update goes live for everyone.

Thank you!

I’d love to! Thanks!

I do


how would i know my account was upgraded

Ok, I just upgraded both of your accounts to the prerelease version :slight_smile:

You should be able to tell because the editor will take up the whole page when you open it, and have white icons at the bottom.

Also, games will not have the Facebook comments at the bottom when you play them. The latest version will only be active for you while you’re logged in.

I do!!!

Ok dequentin24 - you are all set.

will it change any of our games?

i really likee the new editor