WinterBear Reviews :)

I’m not too good at Flowlab, but I know the basics and I like giving feedback :slight_smile: I love writing game stories and suggesting/making art for games.
I generally rate the categories:
Playable Character(s),
I rate using percentages. If I don’t rate your game right away, I’m sorry, but I try to get back to people as soon as possible.


I’ve posted this to multiple review topics but none have gotten back to me yet, so I guess you can be the first!


Hello @ nhgcr_for_the_3rd_time :slight_smile: On the whole, I really like the graphics and the Cuby character. The background touches are nice. The home screen is well-made and straightforward. The game is well-made.
First thing I might suggest is a little walk-through of how to play in the tutorial.
Second, the controls are a little squished together and sometimes hard to get to.
Otherwise I think you game is fun, thank you for sharing it with me. On a percentage scale, I’d rate it:
Graphics/animation: 85% (I liked the anime touch in the background. The enemies were a little basic in style, maybe add shading and more animation?)
Attacking: 80% (it was a little confusing to have to jump before attacking)
Jumping: 80% (double jump was a little odd)
Homescreen: 95% (I like it :slight_smile: )
Character Cuby: 80% (I didn’t try your second character, but will when he is finished)
Enemy: 75% (I found their shooting a little odd. Maybe a little animation could add to it?)
Dash: 100% (maybe some disagree, but I found nothing wrong with it :slight_smile: )

Once again, thank you for sharing this game with me :slight_smile:


It’s Gamouggin’ time! (can you review my game please?)


Hello! I’d love to review your game. Unfortunately I have no more time today, so I’ll have to play and review it tomorrow. Thank you for the wait :slight_smile:


This is a demo:



Hello @John_Shrekinson :slight_smile: I love the storyline of Taile Gamougg 4. It’s creative and funny. The tutorials are straightforward, the blocks are fun and the background is good.
One major thing is that whenever I die in a level and respawn, I’m no longer able to get a gun when I press H. So, during the Chicken level, I was defenseless against the bad guy. I went into the editor and restarted that way, but otherwise I would have been left weaponless.
I like the ease of switching between characters, but I had a question. Is there a special power specific to each character, or are the other characters simply available for players to choose if they want a different look?
The loading screen is nice. I usually prefer to have a home-screen, but that’s not something everyone might want and the game is good as it is.
Now, on to the percentage scale!
Graphics/animation: 85% (I like the blocks, though sometimes their design seems a little random. More fun to look at for me :slight_smile: As far as I can tell, the playable character has no animation other than the little squishing during jumping. No idle animation at all)
Attacking: 75% (The gun problem lowered my rating, but overall the gun works well when I’m able to use it)
Jumping: 100% (nothing wrong that I can see. It’s always been tricky for me to jump in games like these for some reason)
Homescreen/loading-screen: 95% (No homescreen, but the loading screen is nice :slight_smile: )
Character(s): 85% (No idle animation, and I’m still wondering about specific powers…)
Enemy: 85% (They want to kill you. Perfect. Maybe add more animation to them, but overall they’re pretty good)
Style: 90% (Background, fun blocks, good!)

Thank you for sharing your game with me! I hope this helps in some way :slight_smile:


Good morning @paisleypug (I like your name)!
I like your game, it’s somewhat addicting to me. Playing Endless over and over, although I didn’t get too far ever.
First thing, for Endless, from what I can see, nothing told me that spacebar was shoot. I liked it a lot once I figure it out :slight_smile:
Second thing, this may just be me, but I had a little trouble figuring out how to select the campaign. Again, that might be my sleepy brain speaking.
I like these types of games, as I’ve kind of mentioned up there :arrow_up:
For percentages:
Graphics/animation: 95% (Basically streamlined and shaded designs. I like the fire coming out of the ship, and the twinkling stars :slight_smile: )
Attacking: 90% (I like how the coloration of the fireballs/bullets differ, so you can tell which are your own bullets. Attacking is smooth in Endless. The only problem was the no-tutorial for what button to shoot with, although it was fairly easy to figure out)
Flying: 100% (Smooth and responsive, I found no problem)
Homescreen/loading: 95% (The beginning animations are nice. The homescreen is a little basic, but good and easy to navigate. I had a little trouble exiting the tutorial however, but that might just be me)
Playable Ship: 95% (Shaded and with a fire shooting from its tail. The ship is calmingly simple, with no complicated things on it to distract you from your goal: surviving and killing. The stars twinkling have no effect on the shading, but I can see how that would be complicated to input :slight_smile: )
Enemy: 90% (The enemy ships also don’t sparkle near stars- but I like the ship size variation and different color of fire. One problem is that until you shoot, it’s sometimes hard to distinguish which ship is yours)
Style: 100% (I like this style of game, and will definitely be playing it again although I am terrible at it)

Thank you for sharing this game with me! I hope my review is helpful in some way :slight_smile:


I added some code to fix this a while back, but now I’m gonna double check. Thanks for pointing this out :+1:

Yeah, the third playable character, Gia, is immune to explosions. Player 2, Pro Gabrielfo, has shadows instead of robots for his companions, and all 4 characters have different weapon selections.

Thanks. There is a home screen of sorts, its the main menu after the loading screen.

main menu/home screen

loading screen

Thank you for reviewing my game for me! It does help in some ways :slight_smile:. By the way, there are swords too :wink: (you unlock the strongest one for beating the game).


Hello @Beheaded_man :slight_smile: I like the story of the game! It’s pretty interesting.
First thing, a little grammar.
I believe that should be his, not he’s (he is). “His Mind,” showing ownership, “He’s Mind,” actually meaning “He is mind,” which doesn’t make sense.
I like the character and background designs, and the levels are fun.
Percentage review:
Graphics/animation: 95% (I like the animations and the graphics a lot for this game, the style appeals to me. I appreciate the complexity and smoothness of the dodging and slashing animations)
Attacking: 95% (The attack is fun to look at, and the buttons are relatively easy to reach :slight_smile: )
Jumping: 95% (I like the way his little cloak floats up a little when he’s coming down)
Character: 100% (This may be mainly based on my preferences/style etc., but I like the simplicity of the playable character and find the design somewhat cute :slight_smile: )
Enemy: 90% (The attacks of the enemies are interesting to avoid while attacking at the same time, and the animation is pretty good, although the enemy is a little more blocky than the main character)
sTyLe: 100% (I like it, as I’ve mentioned several times.)

Thank you for sharing your game with me! I enjoyed it and look forward to playing it again. :slight_smile:


Hello again @John_Shrekinson :slight_smile:
I’m glad I could help. Thank you for the explanation on the different character specialties, I’ll definitely play again to experiment and attain a higher level.
I just opened the game again and spotted the different selections on the side. I apologize, I must have missed the homescreen options and mistook it for just an in-between-place. In my defense I was also a little tired at the time and perhaps not fully awake.
Ah, I really will have to check the game again. I completely missed the swords for some reason. Sorry :sweat_smile:
Thank you for replying :slight_smile:


No problem! I was glad to explain.

No need to worry about it.


hey, did you go through the tutorial? in the tutorial it shows that you have to press space to shoot

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Omg… Thank you!! Also credits to my brother (@BionicleOnTop) he is Lead designer/animator. I just do the coding

Did you see the boss chase scene? I kinda want a small review for it

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it’s very hard, i think you should slow down the boss

oooh, i beat it, pressing e is a bit too unintuitive, i think it should just happen automatically

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Yeah I almost missed it lol