Xsolla Payments

Is it possible to add xsolla payments with flow lab? (I mean I know its not right now), Will this be possible to do this with the new API behavior?
Thanks in advance

(ps: Is it the same with steam payments?)

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@LevelGames1, What are Xsolla payments?

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https://xsolla.com its a selling platform

@LevelGames1, So it’s a platform where you could buy in-game currency, right?

Yeah bassicly they handle in-game payments, so like if I want to add skins to my game I could sell the skin in-game with Xsolla, For example fortnite uses Xsolla for amazon payments but it works for lots of stuff (twitch uses it for subs and bits and stuff)

Flowlab does not support any sort of in-app purchases. So unfortunately, you cannot use Xsolla to add in your in-game payments.

@LevelGames1, I understand.

It would be cool if there was a feature where you could delete the edit button from users. So they can’t go trough the code of the game. But only people that has Indie or Education or Studio could access the feature, Free accounts wound’t have access to the feature where they can’t delete the edit button from users. So the users would have access of the code of that game.

Maybe in the future @MetaNinja.

Maybe. Last time, grazer said it was unlikely because then you would need to work out some sort of agreement with Apple, Amazon, or Google.

Why would you want to make in-game purchases on a platform like flowlab?

For this reason I’m out
200 (1)

To be honest, a payment system wouldn’t be a very good idea for flowlab games in my opinion, mainly cause most people don’t have enough of a good bug-free game (with flowlab, there is always going to be bugs) and a really good save feature. Plus there will be so many people trying to scam others so I don’t think a currency would be much of a good idea.

I Want to make an online version of my game and add skins so people can customize their character
@MetaNinja I am talking about Xsolla not Apple App Store/Google play

Wouldn’t this be available with the API/Code block?

@LevelGames1, Maybe API block would work. But code not likely because code is a way to make games and not to manage money. API money management block would be better than code.

And I agree with @ManiacPumpkin. Adding this feature would destroy the flowlab platform and the community. So it’s not likely that this feature would be added.

Yeah most people would end up making their game pay to win, i can understand having a free game and having pay add ons to the game like maybe buying more levels and skins or something with on purchase but this is very easy to do with just to games one demo and the other full which I’m good with so pay to win is not the way you should make a game.

Also @LevelGames1 not trying to affend you or anything but nobody would buy your “skins” anyway a lot of us have a lot better things we can use our money for like pc or desks phones drawing tablets pixel art softwares ac.

I agree with @GrimProductionZ.

Sorry @LevelGames1, if I sound rude or anything.


I mean yeah people usually don’t buy skins and stuff, But If/when I release a full game on steam I’ll probably add skins and stuff

I would agree buying skins if it was a mobile game or a 3D game but a pc game that’s not 3D would not really go great with purchasable skins

To be honest, purchasing skins would be best if it could be purchased with in-game currency, not with real life money. For me, in-app purchases would work better if they were used to buy more in-game currency. I know it sounds boring, but it appears in almost every game with in-app purchases.