You want some funky art? maybe help with writing? I can be of assistance if you wanna!

Heyo, I’m an art student and I like making pixel art, so I could crank out a few sprites for ya if you feel like your game is lacking in the aesthetic department. If you need some story elements or interesting dialogue written, I can help with that as well.

I did the art and writing of the flowjam game Nyctophobia >> << and I also post my art on instagram (@thebaronwasteland) and twitter (@BaroNxWastelanD) if you want a sort of portfolio from me

I can help out for free on simple stuff, but if you want something heftier, I might need some financial compensation

also, I’ll do my best to complete things in a timely manner, but I can’t really guarantee how soon I’ll be able to get around to doing things


@“Baron Wasteland” nice stuff on the Instagram. I followed.

Ill keep you in mind if I need an extra hand with something.

As my partner and artist for the game jam, and the game Nyctophobia, I say he’s one of the best few artist that is great for Flowlab. His art is unique, but not limited. Art is a very important part in making a game.

Try and ask a few requests!

@“Baron Wasteland” do you think you could improve this sprite? and maybe add a walk-up animation and a walk-down animation?
img_asset_7637963 (1)
it would be very appreciated I would credit you in-game and in the description!

@seamothmaster45 Those guys look cool! But then, I’m a big fan of chonky pixels.

thanks @todorrobot but I was wanting them improved at least a little bit and have the added animations for a top down game!

@seamothmaster45 yeah I can totally fix that up for you! from the looks of it, your walking animation is two frames, I can polish up your sprite and make the animation more fluid, no prob!
is this guy supposed to more average joe or more Arnold Schwarzenegger in build?

Arnold Schwarzenegger!

you are going to make the walk-up animation and walk-down animation right?

okie dokie! yeah, I’ll make an up and down walking animation for ya too!

thank you so much!


@seamothmaster45 here you go, hope this works? I’ll get to the up and down animations later, don’t you worry about that

@“Baron Wasteland” Dang, those are good. Are your sprites royalty free? Because I’m actually good at doing sprites its just really annoying e.g
If I were to have you help me with sprites and I wanted to earn money off the game… Would you want a share or simply just an hounourable mention?

@“The Kodex” it depends on how much work you want me to do. also, I have coursework I need to work on for another month or so, so my services can’t be super reliable for a little while. I’ll still try to help, but I can’t be expected to get it done in a timely manner

thank you so much @“Baron Wasteland” it is soooo much better!

I don’t want to rush you or anything, but @“Baron Wasteland” have you done the extra animations?

@seamothmaster45 yeah, I’m sorry, I didn’t get around to doing that yet, stuff pops up and also I forget. Don’t worry though, I’ll get around to it, I just can’t promise when. hope that’s okay (?`)

ok that’s fine!

How do you post sprites?


like my tile set

Noice art @“Baron Wasteland”