You want some funky art? maybe help with writing? I can be of assistance if you wanna!

We should team up. I’ve created a free pixel art site with free pack downloads you could create some of the art for it and I will give you all the credit for your sprites and some for the website. so what do you say
That was my gravity breaker game. I haven’t finished.
@Baron Wasteland Can you maybe upgrade my character (Pikole) sprite and the gravity pad’s mechanics. Thanks!
(Go to library and get pout the player sprite and make a level with the items in library)

Oh, by the way, can you upgrade this player sprite for me?

@GrimProductionZ That’s kind of you, but that might not be exactly what I’m looking to do atm, not to mention I am pretty backed up with school work for a little bit. When I’m free I can fix up that tileset you sent if you want?

@LippyDippy the image isn’t showing up for me would you mind sending it again?

And yeah sorry if I basically said “Hey I can do art for ya” and then wasn’t active at all, end of term is approaching and I can’t really be super productive on flowlab stuff until summer break rolls around

Hi, I love this book. You may find it interesting.
I use it for most of my art concepts.

If only I had m0nEy… :bawling:


Are you still doing this?

heya, yeah I kinda completely forgot about all of this. sorry, yeesh. I’ve also been kind of busy with school work. I could maybe help out a bit if you want something light enough, but idk, we’ll see. what do you have in mind?

@Baron_Wasteland A few things actually, but mainly 2 in mind.

It’s fine, I also have been busy with schoolwork, so probably don’t bother with these, but this is what I had in mind (not really light lol).

One is a game I have already kinda started. Its a remaster or reboot of an old flowjam game nearly a year old now, A Tale of Light and Darkness, in which was announced a few months ago, but I need help with art.

The original (to give you an idea of what I mean:)

The “new” sprite I worked on for the remaster:

The Second thing I had in mind was a completely new game, a platformer that involved a large open world and a narrative. I would do the art myself but it’s time consuming and long and I have a lot of projects going on and I’m okay at it.

These both seem like really big things, especially the second so if you can’t help that’s more than okay.

These look really cool! However, I don’t think I’ll be able to invest myself in working on the art of your whole game. I would if I could trust myself to not forget and slack off, but unfortunately, I’d probably leave you hanging most of the time, to be honest. Your stuff looks cool, but I can’t really agree to help you with such a large load. Keep up your work, though (:

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Hey @Baron_Wasteland ! I typically never ask for help except for technical stuff, but I’ve been stuck on an object sprite recently. I can’t get it right. It’s a checkpoint “beacon” for my upcoming game a few years from now, Sol, that follows a steampunk, murky style.

I’ll show you the original piece, and some of the objects that I’d suggest share the same style and color scheme (if you want to take this on, of course). Here’s the one I made:

SolBeam (checkpoint) sprite (the checkpoint)

and some other references:

Bronze Wall Types
Bronze Wall Types (1) (walls w/ their corners)

Sol - ground types (ground)

Let me know if there’s any questions:)

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it’s looking pretty cool already, I think. I’m not entirely sure what’s wrong with the checkpoint, since I don’t really know what you’re aiming for with it. if you want to make it look like a flashlight pointed upwards, I’d squash the lens part a bit more to get the perspective right. other than that, not sure what else needs fixing.
I’d also modify the color scheme in 2 ways, if I were you. I would add less shades to the palette; pixel art works great with fewer colors, or else it risks becoming noise, and I would do a hue shift, maybe make the brown slightly more reddish as it gets darker. It still works well without these tips, so up to you.
Looks pretty good so far, keep it up (:

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Hey, thanks! I think these tips should help out, actually. Though I’ve got the light FX in (it’s more of like a lantern effect), some editing for the light, and even some contrast with it to the background and surrounding area, could help it out. Like you said with the colors as well, making it darker could help with contrasting with something similar, like the walls.
Thanks for these, Baron! Also, is there any free online editors that you know of that can easily do color shifts? If not, it’s still alright though.

hm, I don’t really use online editors, I stick with Aseprite for pixel art, but other drawing softwares work well for tonal corrections, such as, which is free.

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Hey @Baron_Wasteland I am usually good at aren’t, not as good as you of course but I’m starting a new project which is to make an isometric based game and I’m a little stuck on the art. I have gotten the basic looks done which look plain, but is there any way you can spice them up and give them some texture. Oh and can you make a cool character design for my game. You can take a look here the red square is the player. Only make textures for the stuff that visible in the editor. Here the link:

Also keep in mind that it all connects together so when you do the art for it, it looks nice when making a bigger platform.

Alright well, idk about doing all your art for you, but I can help with some pointers. Based off of what I see in your game, it looks like you could benefit from looking at the textures of minecraft blocks. using those as a reference will probably do you a lot of good in the art department.
I can also come up with a few sketches of a design for your character if you give me any indication of what you want em to look like. I can’t do much without any visual direction.

I don’t really Know about the character but can you make something small and cute

Thanks man, really appreciate it! I’m liking how it’s starting turn out right now, so the advice helped :v:t2: