You want some funky art? maybe help with writing? I can be of assistance if you wanna!

I can’t really just make a character and its sprites for you, but I can help you develop the idea. I can’t help you develop the idea much if you don’t have much of an idea yourself. small and cute is pretty vague, are you thinking more of kirby? maybe you’re thinking of pikachu? or is it humanoid? maybe an animal crossing character in theme? there’s a lot that goes into concept design, it’s pretty tough to think of something with those two vague adjectives to guide you.

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Something without arms and legs

so what, a slime? a snail? a quadriplegic mouse? I’m sorry, but it’s really difficult to guess what you want if you don’t know what you want for yourself.


Well you choose

I know it’s not really my part to bud in, but @Haevoc you seriously need to give more detail on what the character is. @Baron_Wasteland is going out of his way to make art for free. At first you wanted him to redo almost all the art in the game, then you simplified it down to just the character, but the least could do is give him some more detail on what exactly it is you want so he doesn’t come up with a character you don’t like. I wouldn’t recommend making others do your work for you, cause then it kinda takes away the fun of game-making.

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It’s not my game, it’s yours. I have no stake in it, I don’t know what the game is about, what the theme is, anything for that matter. I can’t just do the work for you. I am offering to help you focus on a design, but if I am to help you with anything, I need your cooperation. I need you to help me help you if you want me to assist in character design, sorry.
(also thanks for the input, @ManiacPumpkin, you got the right idea)


Perfect for me, it’s pure genius X)

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Well never mind I’ll just figure something out after the jam.

Make a 16x16 magic staff i want to see how good you can do with smol art

Baron is exceptionally good

He made the sprites for NYCTOPHOBIA and woah, it’s great

I don’t often do things that are 16x16, the smallest I go is usually 64x64, but I can make a few minecraft sprites to show. been thinking of working on a texture pack anyway