Zombie Spawn Method

Trying to make a Resident Evil game in the Zelda style, but I don’t know how to make spawning for enemies so that its not impossible, but still has constant enemies.

If you’re interested in spawning them in waves, I made a system for that.

If you want constant enemies, I’d recommend keeping a track of how many are spawned in at once.
You can do this by raising a number by 1 each time a zombie is spawned, then decreasing it by 1 when it dies. You can use that to kind of keep track of how difficult you’ll allow the game to get


Ya explain what you mean a bit more

I want it to be where if you kill all enemies in an area, they will respawn eventually, I also want it to do that if you lave the place and come back if possible

how do you “leave a place and come back to it”

different levels? Just movement between rooms, do you already have a camera system for that?

game link would be helpful