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hi there,i’m making a game which will basically be a comic and would like you to review the game as it is now. sadly it only has a singular frame of chapter 5 but i hope you at least like the game design :slight_smile:
(I will ask you to re-review this game in the future when it’s finished =D)


Yay :tada: :tada:


Can you review math adventure?



Reviewed by @CodeAlpaca


What I like about the Art.

  1. You used Blend for the lights, looks much better now.
  2. The sprites between all the enemies and players look consistent.
  3. It’s a nice effect when you kill a ghost. The turning sideways and kind of collapsing into themselves looks cool.
  4. The breakable blocks being damage is a nice indicator to the player that it can be broken.
  5. The particles from the brick breaking is nice, but it does seem to lag the game for a moment. (I’m assuming this is from a repeating spawning in several particles all at once)
  6. I like that the screen doesn’t follow the character until they move to the next chamber.
  7. The health not being standard hearts and being feathers instead is something I really like.
  8. Particles for the ghosts are also nice

What about the Art could be improved.

  1. Full-Screen is now available to free users, so it would be very nice if you added that.
  2. The darkened edge around the game screen isn’t perfectly lined up with the top.
  3. It does look a bit odd when a lamp is near the edge of the screen because the darkened edge makes it look odd.
  4. The ball thrown from the princes should be thrown farther/shorter so you can actually see it and not just run straight into it after you enter the next chamber.
  5. I wish when you hit a spike the frazzled sprite would be there a little longer so you could see it more.
  6. Maybe a tile set could be used so the wall edges all face outwards
  7. (This will not affect your final score) WAIT! Is the ghost actually a duck head? I thought it was a little ghost with pointy ears holding a shotgun!
  8. Not sure how I feel about the Sword Level Increased font/color

Art Score: 6.5


What I think is Fun about the game.

  1. Feels pretty nice to control
  2. It seems like this game would be pretty fun when fleshed out with everything
  3. I like the secret rooms, it makes me want to run into every wall in existence to look for another.

What could make the game more Fun.

  1. The boss needs an indicator of life, it’s very hard to tell when it will die.
  2. It feels like it’s just missing something
  3. I’m confused on if the ghosts are enemise, they don’t seem to do damage.
  4. I mean, there doesn’t seem like a lot to do yet (I know the game is in development currently)
  5. (This will not count towards your final score) I know this is a demo rn so you are kind of showing everything off, but I think for a finished product it would be better if you waited a little longer before introducing the first boss. The boss is a bit difficult and instantly throwing that at new players might turn them away, so I would recommend showing other elements of the games first (while still leaving other things unshown to be discovered by the player after the first boss).
  6. Needs to be some sort of tutorial or at least a description for controls (The controls are very intuative but it’s still good to have).
  7. When the games starts to become a little larger having checkpoints is very important.

Fun Score: 6


The sounds work pretty well together, but here are some things that could be improved

  1. When the music repeats it comes pretty abrupt again, not sure how this would be fixed.
  2. Enemies getting hit should have a sound effect
  3. Getting the upgrade and talking to the princess needs a sound effect.
  4. Enemies attacking should have sound effects.
  5. Maybe a walking sound
  6. Music might be a little too chill
  7. Not sure about the sudden change in music right as you enter the boss fight.

Sound Score: 6.5


Not a lot of metrovania-type games in Flowlab, or in general, so it’s nice to have another.

Having the duck be the main character and having everything themed around that is pretty interesting.

Creativity Score: 8

Overall Score

Art: 6.5, It’s a good start so far, there’s just not a lot of content yet to see it all work together
Fun: 6, As a demo it’s understandable, the game just needs to be fleshed out a bit.
Sound: 6.5, So far it’s pretty decent, could just use some improvement
Creativity: 8, I’m looking forward to when all the mechanics are added

Final Score: 6.75

pixil-frame-0 (8)

@Pixel_Name1 It’s a pretty nice game with a lot of potential, it just seems like the game is still looking for its core mechanic. This is a demo and not a finished game so it’s understandable as you are still working things out for the game. Looking forwards to seeing the finished product.

Btw, sorry that I didn’t get the review in yesterday, I was really busy.

godheh ("summary" in Minion languange)

authentic minion :)

Jetstream Sam My Beloved GIF - Jetstream Sam My Beloved GIFs

It’s made that way to emphasize the rising of Gru, very symbolic

I couldn’t draw it so I used the one from the cover of the Minions rap song that plays through out the whole game and it fits sorry

okay, fixed!

modded, cool now

which ground, where?

yeah its minions nice art no style this is the way

press and hold would make the Rise of Gru level too easy

I don’t know that game, never played it, and never heard about it.

Yeah its more like a companion app with a few small minigames than an actual game

Yes. The rapper Yeat made a song for the movie and it sounds fire. Also watch the movie too, its so funny!


In the theater, the ground is a thin layer so you can see the background beneath it.

Also, I’ll probably watch the movie in ~2 weeks


oh, okay

Yay! Hope you enjoy awesome Minions and see Gru rise!


So what I’ve learned is that the lighting needs to be changed a bit and the moles and robots’s textures need to be changed a bit, I need to experiment with sounds, add tutorial, reduce some lag, add dialogue, and add full screen (which I didn’t know was free till now)


Also thank you for the review I’ll have to start using the same objects for different things, or maybe I can get an Indie to help me


Don’t think I’ll be able to get a review in today, been testing some different things


Cube Fighter

Reviewed by @CodeAlpaca


What I like about the Art.

  1. Expanding buttons when you hover over them is always good.
  2. The explosion of the character is interesting.

What aspects of the Art could be improved?

  1. There needs to be a visual cue for when you select a level (otherwise it’s hard to tell what clicking the 1 or 2 does.
  2. You’re using the tutorial ground sprites.
  3. There is open space between the ground sprites.
  4. The name tag stops following you when you reach the end. (It doesn’t even follow you in the 2nd level)
  5. The window on the 2nd level has a wall behind it, it should look out into space.
  6. The laser should be seen a little as it travels, right now you barely see it right as you shoot, but not being able to see it looks weird. Slowing the speed of the laser down a bit so you can see it travel, even if a very small amount, really helps it seem realistic.

Art Score: 2.5


What I think is Fun about the game.

  1. Nothing notable that makes the game fun.

What could make the game more Fun?

  1. You can walk off the edge of the map…
  2. There is no to know how much life the enemy has.
  3. There needs to be something to tell you the controls (They are pretty basic but it’s good to have).
  4. What’s the point of the exit button?
  5. There’s not anything to really do.
  6. Fix the jump, having it allow you to jump again by collision is not an effective way to do that.

Fun Score: 1.8


The music is decent, but the laser sound doesn’t fit much (mostly due to not being able to see the laser)

Not sure if it’s a bug, but if I click sometimes the sound plays, and no laser is shot(?), this may be visual because it travels fast, or a flaw in the coding.

The overall sound design needs much more work.

Sound Score: 2


It seems that the game is in such an early stage that it is hard to judge this.

Creativity Score: 1.5

Overall Score

Art: 2.5, Nothing that makes this game have its own unique look.
Fun: 1.8, There isn’t anything to do really.
Sound: 2, Not many sounds at all.
Creativity: 1.5, Nothing to make this game stand out or unique

Final Score: 1.95

pixil-frame-0 (12)

@TheDukinator The main thing I would recommend is that you find a really fun concept to base the game around, then find a way to tie in a unique art style

Btw, sorry this review came so late.


Flowlab Game Creator - Idle Balls v1.1 probably not going to add to this game but most of the code is being reused for a newer game. (and i’m just curious about a pov from someone who doesn’t dislike idle games in general)


yeah, i did the basic sprites because i am not good at art in any form XD although i see you didnt notice that i actually edited the grass sprite so that it matched the dirt one.

i cant get the laser to slow down, it just wont slow. neither will the bullet. also the noise and no laser thing is probably just you pressing the button at the same time as the CPU shooting.

im going to add a horde mode, where there is no cooldown on shooting and there is a lot of enemies.

my headphones recently broke and i work in an environment where random sounds would not be appreciated, so i cant test the noises really.

you shouldnt be able to jump of the map. how did you do that?

thanks for this tip, i will definitely work on that.

the window on level 2 shouldnt have a wall, thats weird.

i have tried fixing this many times, it just isnt working. it might be a small flaw in the code, but i havent had the time to look into it

visual cue for level is good idea, thanks.
i will work on this, just overall thanks for the review!


At times you are able to spam click jump so it is possible to get over the wall in the first level

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huh. i spent like 20 minutes trying to do that awhile ago and was never able to do it

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Oops, forgot to do reviews for a few days. Been really busy with IRL stuff and when I get a chance I like to work on my own games/test some things. I’ll see about reviewing the games tomorrow, they seem like relatively quick games so I may be able to give myself a little cushion if I get them all done in a single day. Alright, that’s all good night/day :llama:


Here you can review mines. It is in development so yeah


The Great Alpaca, please review thy game!

hint: duck


Ik, I’ve just been really busy. I will post a review of The Overseether today so I’ll try to make my way through all the reviews


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