Beta Testing (New Game 0G Delivery)

So, I have been working on this SHMUP for a little bit now and I would like to see if anyone has any complaints or recommendations for my small shooter. I am open to all kinds of feedback as long as it is helpful. Thanks!
Here is the game link:

Good job!!!


Thank You!

Is it possible i could review this game for The Crigence Critique? Thanks in advance

(Here’s what i’m talking about by the way: Top-of-the-line reviews! (The Crigence Critique))

@crigence I actually have an updated version at this link:
which you can review if you like, but it’s not really in a finished state. (However, it is about 100 times better than the old game) I haven’t worked on it in eons since I’ve been really busy, and the time I do get for game development I usually work on Curse of the Wereloaf instead.

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Firstly, it’s Crigence, and secondly, i’ll review it tomorrow since i have a 1 game per-day rule.

Thanks for giving me permission, anyway

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Nevermind, just found out “Zero-G Delivery” is already in my list of reviewed games.

Well, i COULD re-review it if you want?

Very sorry about that typo :sweat_smile:
If you would like you can re-review it, but don’t feel too pressured to do it since the game isn’t even being worked on right now and you already reviewed my old one a while back

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It’s OK, it’s a surprisingly common mistake, here’s your review:

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