Bullet Madness Update Log

Alright here we go, I’m doing this again, updates will be here. I’ll make another one for discussion so dont spam stuff here thx

oh yeah, https://flowlab.io/game/play/1489850 is the game
Bullet Madness Discussion for discussion

Alpha v0.1 (September 15, 2020)

  • Movement is mostly complete, although the dash is buggy
  • Health, sprites, and enemy code are incomplete or placeholders
  • Demos 1 and 2 are playable, both simply consisting of a few enemies and no end
  • Seriously, nothing is done, just two demos

P.S. I probably shouldn’t be doing this so early, but whatever

Alpha v0.2 (September 17th, 2020)

Alright, let’s get started, this is a big(ish) update

  • The size of the play area has been increased to 19x19
  • Demo 3 has been added, and the previous two have been updated
  • Each demo now has a 2-minute timer
  • The dash I-frames have been increased by 0.1 seconds
  • Basic Enemy’s shot spread has been reduced significantly
  • Spinning Enemy’s spin speed has been reduced
  • A new enemy, Rocket Enemy, has been introduced in Demo 3
  • Levels now get harder after a period of time
  • Bug fixes
  • Herobrine removed

I feel like I missed something…

Me: Wait a minute, that’s illegal.

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Alpha v0.2 (September 17th, 2020)
Just a small update

  • Spinning Enemy renamed to Spinemy (haha funny puns)
  • Spinemy got a resprite and spins slower
  • Tried to make a new Spinemy that shot rockets but it broke the game

I should just call this the Mini Spinemy update and be done with it

Okay, ya know what? To hec thi, to hec with normal enemies and level design, I’m making this a boss rush game because everyone likes those better

Edit: I swear I’m not drunk
Edit2 because i’m braindead: You may still play the three demo levels, which will exist until the first boss is completed

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The first boss is now playable, although as of now there is only one attack, I am in the process of adding more attack patterns

Screenshot 2020-09-23 at 4.32.51 PM

Look, look how they have massacred my boy

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