Clearance-experimental game

so, currently I’m trying to make an extremely basic dungeon crawler. Basically, the game will work like this: you clear certain dungeons with certain enemies and bosses and get weapons! Each weapon is usable with space. Currently I’m working on some of these weapons and their functionality, here’s a little peak at some “weapons” I made (don’t mind the player as a capsule, that’s going to get changed):
image (the blocks here are enemy placeholders)
and if I don’t finish and give up before a demo, I guess I’ll just release the game.

would you like to get updated on the game’s progress until release?

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I set all topics in Game Updates & Announcements to watching so I get notified for EVERY. SINGLE. POST.


What? Why did you feel the need to post this?


Post what? I don’t know what you’re talking about.

People can still see posts that are deleted, so I don’t know what you were trying to do there…


what a loser is what you said you a meany :skull: :nauseated_face:

Coofin, please don’t post radnom insults on other people’s topics.

What weapons will be in the game?

My bad, I realized it and that’s why I deleted it.

I used to play dungeon crawlers all the time, this will be fun for me.

Why’d you say it though?

It was totally impulsive… I’m sorry I won’t do stuff like that anymore.

Currently i finished 2, one starter weapon and the another just for testing, but I’m working on a third, as well as an inventory system.


Looks awesome, but what happened to the samurai game? Is it on hold or what?

what samurai game? I think you’re confusing me for somebody else.

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Yeah he is

My bad, i got you mixed up with someone else. Good luck on your project.

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Yeah “Yami” and “yomi” are very similar.
But I already remember Yomifan saying that he’s Cuts_Ups and since he’s one of the user I remember very well I will never confuse him with nobody.

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“yomi” is short for “your only move is hustle” without the “hustle”. a flowlab username of all time


I KNEW IT!! I love yomi hustle. Well at least watching fight replays. I don’t have the game…

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