Defeating Leaderboards

Hello, I like to be the top of every leaderboard possible on Flowlab. Why you may ask? I just do.

I’m at the top of:

Soul Siphon (my absolute favorite game, please play it)
Gods of Five
Cold Hard Steel
Galacdrive (tied with a ton of people because the game has a cap)
Beyond the Glass
Stop at Nothing (no leaderboard, but declared the fastest. 48.2 time)
Electric Rougarou
Earth that was
Black N White (Beat in 491, leaderboard was removed)

The ones I’m not the top of yet is:

Chaos Sector (Currently Broken, leaderboard won’t update)
Ghost Gunner (Man this is gonna be hard)
Space Shipping
Universal Crumble (I think this game also caps, stop making games like this sup3r. not feeling this one too much, will probably be oen of the later ones I do)

Are there any other leaderboards that I am missing or that you would like me to beat?

I do all of these in my free time, so I’m not going to be grinding these out lol, but it’d make a great Twitch/YouTube channel

Also, I wasn’t sure where to put this topic, so I put it here. So I’ll give a small little review of how the game (or the part with the leaderboard) was.


Pilot(null)'s Endless mode


Earth That Was

Screenshot 2023-08-16 1.30.13 AM
Under the wrong account, but still did it

Overall game is pretty slow. I originally was excited to play the game my first time, but after my lengthy choosing of characters, I was disappointed that it was only for this leaderboard. Would be interesting if the process was sped up A TON and there was actually more gameplay behind it.


Beat the leaderboard in my game, Wastelands

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All I’m questioning is, how were you in DinoDev’s account. . . :rofl:
Also I think the Color Complex leader board is messed up.


When I was doing different things with the leaderboard I needed to be on an indie account, otherwise the behaviors would disappear, so it was just easier to use DinoDev’s. I forgot to logout because I was using a different computer


So you have access to DinoDev’s account at any time?

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That’s what I was thinking! :rofl:

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I guess yeah. But I trust her and she trusts me


You irl friends?

So, you’re the user who beat me. I have the highest score on two of the levels.

I think siblings.

I think that we live 2000 miles apart lol. No we’re not friends irl or siblings, but I’d like to consider each other friends


Us, so you’re a stranger to each other? Have you met her IRL? If not, all of this is a stupid idea.

I have not met her IRL. Why are you talking on the forums, isn’t that a stupid idea? I mean, while I’m giving DinoDev a little more trust, that’s alright. I’m not going to trust some complete stranger, but I don’t consider DinoDev a complete stranger.
I’m basically in a dev team, aren’t you in one with Flying_Fajita and DWGAMEMASTER?


Yup, but I’d leave the moment they tried to access my account.

Not as mindless as giving someone your Password. That is straight up stupid, no offense. She could abduct you anytime now, you know. She could be lying about her age. Anyone on here could do that if they had access to your password.
Anyways, this is off-topic. You have lost, you made a bad decision, it might cost you. This- whatever it is, is finished.

Does that count? You made the game, after all.

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Ah yes, because having someone’s flowlab password automatically also lets them know your address


Well given that this is my topic I’m choosing to continue this. She gave me her password, I didn’t give her mine. So I guess she made a stupid decision trusting me (she did not). What exactly do you think you get from a Flowlab password. I literally don’t have access to anything else besides her Flowlab. So before you start calling people stupid on the internet due to your ignorance and overall aversion to all social media as a whole, maybe you’re the one that needs to tighten the screw.
I am fine with your opinion that it was a bad idea, but only if you can back it up with actual tangible facts instead of vague opinions.
Ok now this can be over.

Gods of Five kind of counts, it wasn’t made to be a serious time, just a casual play though.



I like the game, pretty fun. Gets a bit repetitive after a while with only the 3 enemy types, but the 2 characters are both very unique with all the different upgrades. The art style did feel a little inconsistent, some of your newer work seems much better, so I’m excited for the 2nd version

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…giving someone their password doesn’t give their location or email. I also gave him the password so I can’t do anything to him. I trust him fully as we’ve made multiple games together and talked for countless hours on end… we’re pretty good friends. I don’t think believing everyone on the internet is a demon is a good thing to believe, since you’re never going to have fun. Also, if CodeAlpaca took my account, I’d just bring it up to grazer and he’d be banned and I’d get the account back, and why would he want to do that lol.

All in all, we trust each other and are good friends, and I originally gave him access to my account because I really liked Alpaca’s Raceway and wanted him to be able to expand it with indie. Ever since I did that, he’s made 3 really good flowjam games that I’ve been able to work with him on, so I’m glad I did what I did.

Edit: oh shoot sorry from bring this up, didn’t know the convo ended. Let me know if I should delete it. :+1:


Yeah, well. That’s not something I would ever allow myself to do.

Just don’t post anymore (on this topic) about this.

Anyways, Code Alpaca, basically half of these are FlowJam games, XD. Could you put links to all of the games, so we can beat you?

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