Ember's FlowJam Reviews (CLOSED)


On this topic I will be reviewing FlowJam games. I will use the Flowjam page instead of you sending me the link.
I will post pictures of my reviews.
That is all for now,


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@ThatBoxLion, I played you game, the art is great, but I have no idea how to do anything. Maybe a tutorial or a detailed description?

@NILS, the art and description are both great. I think it looks a bit too much like a Website though.
Awaiting picture.

Ok, the graphics were epic, the soundtrack is very addicting, and the Effects are insane. Here is my rating:

This is my review for you team game. I love the art and the music is very cool. I like the concept, although it is complex. The game is overall really well made, therefore, this is my rating:

My next review is for the game Elementals, by @Kraylos. The game is unfinished, but I still need to review it.

Another normal platformer. The art is in scribbles but the player is well-drawn.

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Next review is Envoy, by @sup3r87 and @LoganK. Screenshot not made yet.
The game itself was fun but I didn’t quite know what to do. I got all of the crystals and returned them but nothing happened.

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our game wasn’t fun :pensive:would you mind telling me why? what went wrong, or was it just too hard

I am not much of a fan of card games. Also, it was a bit fun, although I had no idea what was going on. The art was amazing though!

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@HuckleBerry @Greggo
I am reviewing you game next. Update: None of the controls work. I cannot play this game without controls. But now that I have a picture of what the game is like, I can rate it. I only got to the first game of cards though:

Another card game.
I prefer platformers. The art was really good though.

@JR01 @todorrobot @TGW @TinkerSmith @thebrickccentric @TheBrickccentric1
The next game I review is yours.
I am sad to say that I am just bad at escape games and puzzles. Don’t say Skill Issue, I don’t know why. I loved the story and the creativity though!

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Next is Blue sky by @cregerBot @glowbug @Crigence.
Screenshot waiting…

That game itself is the most fun and interesting out of all of the games, obviously.

I love the gameplay and the creativity.


@Baqir69, this is my review for your game, called “new Game”:

Your second game, baqir:

@OriginsOrange, your game is next.

The pause button doesn’t work. How does one obtain items? It doesn’t work either.

@John_Shrekinson, element overdrive is up next.

Next game: Pizza Delivery game.

The element didn’t work.

@Diamond20, your game is up next.


@JohnWario_Dev, your game review is upcoming.

The art wasn’t too bad. The gameplay was pretty good.

The only problem is;


I will play @extrez’s game next.

I couldn’t get past the second level. I don’t like this game…

@robo-t’s game is being reviewed next.

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The game bugged and I got stuck here. The game was fun, the music was good, and the game was the opposite of extrez’s game. You basically just have to walk.

No screenshot and a bland description.
@Mangosteen_Animations’s game’s review is upcoming.

The game was fun, the art wasn’t the best though. The concept and use of the theme was good though!

@Kasamir, I will review your game next.

The game itself was a bit plain, as was the art. I like the use of the theme though.

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I need to leave for a Judo class soon, so I’ll review @Bmarzi’s game last…

You can’t pass this. Making these things fall randomly wasn’t a very good idea.

Hey @JUSTPLAINOP what does it take to get five stars from you? I notice you haven’t given a single game five stars. Is there something in particular?