Expect Two New Multiplayer Games In The Future!

Yup, read the title to see a summary of what I am going to discuss.

So multiplayer is still in beta and it seems that everyone wants to see it finished sometime soon. So I decided to take up the opportunity to work on two new multiplayer games in the future. One is cooperative, while the other is competitive.
So I already have one multiplayer game called Stealthy Ninja, but what about these two games that I say I will work on? Well well well, let’s find out!

Stickman Parkour

This is a competitive multiplayer game similar to those stickman mazes that people have gotten enthusiastic about. You play as a stickman and you race a couple of other people to the finish line of a level. But there are hazards waiting at every corner. So don't push your luck too much, otherwise you might get yourself a severe amount of ouch. This game is already in development, but is still early in said development, so don't expect it to come out anytime soon.

Monster Maze

This is a survival horror game where players are placed in a large maze together, and emeralds spawn in the maze. Players get to run around the maze and try to rack up as many emeralds as possible. But there is a catch: within the maze, a monster roams around. Even though Monster Maze is based on the first ever horror game to be made, called 3D Monster Maze (which I recently played, it hurt my eyes), this monster is not a giant T-Rex trying to gulp you down. In the beginning of the game, only one monster spawns, but as the rounds go on, more and more monsters hunt you down. In order for the players to win, they must survive 15 rounds with at least 450 emeralds. Keep in mind that if a player dies, they lose all of the emeralds they held, meaning that you'll be farther away from your goal. This game.

Both games are multiplayer dependent, unlike Stealthy Ninja, so you can’t play Stickman Parkour unless you have one other player, and Monster Maze requires 3 players total (you can still play it solo, but the game will be impossible to win).
Expect these games to come out in the coming months.


I’m glad to hear it! Creating more multiplayer games will help flush out problems so we can make the networking systems more stable and useful.


Just remember @MetaNinja that you can not export your game and still have multiplayer with it… @grazer hopefully will fix this once we show him enough support for it :grinning:

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Yup, I’m aware of that limitation.