How to make flowlab username on player

TheJeffDude and me are making a multiplayer game, so to identify a person we need a tag ontop of the player. Is it possible?

you can’t share labels yet so no, already tried to do it. I’d recommend just marking who your player is

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Oh well, guess lets wait for the future.

Can’t you just share a value between players and then convert that to into the label?

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If it works, can u send a picture of how 2 do it

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All player’s are the same object type, so they share a label.

Can’t you just have labels equal to the maximum number of players? It’s a crude fix, but it gives you all the labels needed.

If I have time today I’ll make a system that can do this.

Each object type shares each label. You can’t make more than one (especially in multiplayer)

You can add multiple labels to one object. In my game Life Cycle, there are about 25 Skill objects each with a label above them. (This was one of my first games, so the code is pretty crude)

when the one who made the post doesn’t understand other people’s answers

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I’ll start working on the code.

it’s going to be very odd to make it with other players but it may work (can’t really do that with a game of mine since it can have up to 1k players)

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I’m using a similar method I used in Sending Text through a Message, but in case for some reason, the Share behavior doesn’t work with sending multiple numbers due to bandwidth other things I’m making it only get a value once. The downside to this is you can only have a 7-letter name so I would suggest adding the ability to type in a name.

Oh, thanks. Still don’t know how to do that but. Hope it will work!

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Thanks, but ill wait for when Jeff makes a team so he ca n help.

? I wasn’t asking to be on a team

No no, im not asking. Because last sunday at 6:00PM, i was not at home so we didnt make the team yet. So im waiting till next sunday so he can help.