I need help for the improving the infection

https://flowlab.io/game/play/1075364 I wanna improve my game

how do i fix the problem?

I would try using your own made sprites instead of using default sprites. To be honest I wouldn’t consider recoloring them making them original. Making your own sprites (in my opinion) would make the game look a little bit more professional.

ok good idea but why wont the bat flip

It’s because you don’t have corrupted grass on either side so he tends to get stuck cause there is no sprite to bounce off of.

Also for the first image, just make the bottom collision to the right only and it should work. If it messes up, then just switch the left and right around.

oh… thank you for the help

I like it but, only two levels, and maybe you should make walk animation

im remaking the levels im working on it and thanks good idea!

hey guys i have a new discussion for my new character here is the link My new character review