Last Update for 2018 (probably): HTML5!

I just deployed an update that adds a small “html5” link next to each game on your “My Games” page. This link runs your game using the new html5 engine, instead of the current flash one.

This is preview release, for testing, so it’s not yet 100% complete.

The editor is currently disabled in html5, but all engine features should be in place, and games should all work. All games should behave the same as before, with the exception that rendering should be faster (it now uses hardware rendering), and rendering quality should be improved overall. Also, this means that games will now run on mobile devices (the page layout is wonky on phones at the moment).

I have noticed that there is sometimes there is noticeable lag when a game first starts (but should go away after a few seconds), and that’s something that I know needs to be addressed.

It would be really helpful if you could test out your games, and report any new html5-only bugs that you find. I expect that some issues will need to be ironed out, but once this version is well tested, it will replace the current flash version which will have to get completely phased out in 2019 ( )

The good news is that the new html5 version should make some long-awaited features much easier to implement (game controller support, right-clicking, and rendering filters, among others). Please let me know if you have any questions or comments about this update.

If you want to run any game using the html5 engine, you can just append “?v=html” to the end of the url. You can tell when a game is running in this mode by the small green html5 logo that appears under the game’s name.

This update to replace Flash needs to be finished already


Does this mean in mobile optimized website the HTML 5 version could be ran on mobile?


Yeah @alex2006 - the html5 version should run on mobile. I haven’t done much mobile testing or optimization yet though.

@grazer thanks!

Sounds awesome! I do have one question though: CONTROLLER SUPPORT??? I know it’s still a concept being created, but will it be controllers from consoles, phones as controllers, or personal FLOWLAB controllers?

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By controller support I mean whatever controller or gamepad is connected to your computer: xbox, playstation, or PC game controller. This won’t come until after the html version is complete though.

Finally! Thanks Grazer, have to play around with it.

@grazer I believe I found a bug. I was screening around with SB3 on mobile, and died on my last life. For some reason bullets were still flying out from the gun!

New Year’s hype! The website is pretty wonky on phones, but puffin has fullscreen. I was noticing significant lag on a current project, so I’m going to see if that lag still exists in HTML5. Does HTML5 currently support multiplayer as well? If nobody answers, I’ll just have to find out on my own. Then I can test that sometime.

Sound does not work on HTML

Hey @CrimsonBlackGames - do you have an example where the sound isn’t working? It’s working in all my tests so far.

Mobile exclusive I guess

@CrimsonBlackGames Eh, well sound doesn’t typically play through HTML5 in mobile browsers (especially Safari) without specific code to make it do so (I believe).

The Graveyard seems a bit laggy to be honest, or it has always been like that before.

First thing I noticed is that looping music doesn’t work in html5, it just plays once.

Also noticed drag is really needed in The Graveyard. The skeleton boxes are kinda broken now.

In html, whenever the music/sound is supposed to loops, it doesn’t. It goes completely silent. Also, the sound block appears to be delayed for a few seconds and then it makes the sound/music I want it to play (or not at all).

My game (Drive) doesn’t work or crashes when using button inputs.
After several times, it seems that it will run with ONLY on mouse click/tap.
The player disappears when game is paused. (I restart the game if its paused so idk if its actually deleted)
Also Music doesn’t loop

Rotation and animation is also allot faster but loweing the speed should work.

edit: [ok, I tried again several times a little later and the button input works now.
After some testing, the player isn’t deleted after pausing. player re-appears when un-pausing.]

Yeah the animations and rotations go way too fast, even when it is supposed to be slower.