🌠 [ROUND 2.1] Flowlab GOTY 2023 voting event

:star: Flowlab GOTY 2023 :star:

Round 2.1 voting! (why is this taking so long)

Hello and welcome to the first unofficial flowlab GOTY (Game Of The Year) event!!
(Or maybe official if grazer approves it or something idk)

Game of the year?

The “game of the year” is an awards event that many different gaming platforms host. The idea is to see what game was the most iconic, impactful, and high quality game made that year.

There has never been one of these done for flowlab before, so I figured I would take a shot at running one. I made a discussion post about the idea and people were on board, so now we’re going full steam ahead into this.

How will this event work?

This year’s flowlab GOTY will be determined by two rounds of public vote. There is no private jury like other events this year.

The voting period of the first round will go from this current moment until roughly midnight of december 15th.

The voting period of the second and final round, made up of the top 6 games from the first round, will go for about a week. If there are any ties for 6th, two or more games will go in, potentially increasing the options to 7 or even 8.

After the second round of voting ends, the winner will be announced.

Requirements for entry

In order for your game to be put on the list this year, it has to either:

  • Be one of the top 9 projects in the winter OR summer flowjam 2023/
  • Get featured during the year of 2023.


There are no prizes planned at this time except bragging rights. Maybe grazer can put your game on the front page or something, but there are no prizes at the moment that are guaranteed for this event. It’s more of an experimental event, since it isn’t happening on the main website.

:rotating_light: FINAL FINAL VOTING ROUND (for real)!:rotating_light:

Well… three games got in the top three, so we are going to do ANOTHER round of voting. This round will end on the 27th of December, one day before the flowjam begins. I really hope we don’t need another round after this lmao. Like last time, you can only vote on one option.

Top 3 voted games (click to show)


Best of luck to everyone left (again)!

Choose one!

  • :ear_of_rice:Gods of Five
  • :fire:The Witch in the Woods
  • :sunrise_over_mountains:Shroud of the Fifth
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Additionally, feel free to discuss why you voted the way you did or why you think a game deserves a vote. Be civil of course!


I arrived first, hmm…

I chose four: Galacdrive, because I love the style and contest involved (to get 1216), GOF, because it’s likely the best card game on Flolwab and it’s pretty fun, and last, but not least, Black N White, because I like the parkour style and the dificulty.


I chose a lot of games… Honestly it’s pretty difficult to choose, because literally every game on the list is excellent in it’s own way. Pushing a game that is genuinely awesome to the bottom of the list kind of stinks lol.


Yeah, in truth, I enjoy most of the games listed here, choosing only a few is a challenge.

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Strange prize when the ability to be in the running for it requires the game to already be featured


well yeah, any game deemed good enough by grazer ends up being featured. otherwise the entire catalogue of games made in 2023 would have to be scraped and maybe there might be a diamond in the rough. usually when people spend a lot of time on something they speak out about it. The “prize” I came up with is just an idea though, nothing is set in stone.


Yeah ik, I was just making a joke about what was basically a self fulling prophesy


No Misty Hollow?


not accurate :smiley:



The SECOND ROUND of voting has now begun! The main post has been updated with the poll results and the final poll. This time you will only be able to select ONE game. Best of luck to everyone left!


Im stuck between Shroud of the fifth and Galacdrive.
Shroud is an awesome game and super complete, could easily be for sale on itchio and Steam and I wouldnt bat and eye (i would buy it).
It also seems super underrated imo, multiple abilities multiple levels with own themes, songs and enemies. Its not something you see everyday on Flowlab.
It even has a final boss, super polished and fun to play (all under two weeks bro, its insane).
Def goty worthy.

Galacdrive, is also amazing, even though it has its problems, its really polished and complete too.
It even got to the mobile storefronts, made profit and was featured by Apple. Its a huge milestone for Flowlab.
The game has multiple bosses too, really impressive, and I even bought it (would love an update tho, like better controls and more responsive too).

So, all in all, these two contenders are really great and for me they would both get the prize. :trophy:

Also, thank you for everyone that voted for my game “Hidden Depths” :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::ocean::shell: :bubbles:
I wasnt expecting that, but Im happy still.
The game is def worthy of getting picked up again to improve thingys. But thanks for the love again :blush::dizzy:


All the other games are Bangers too tho :fire:


I voted The Witch In The Woods because 2.5d games are cool and it was impressive. I love the other games though.


the vote is gonna end in about a day from now. If it stays tied, we might need to do a third round… lol


Was I the only one who thought Envoy was a great game?


way too short to be goty imo


Grazer is the tie-breaker.

that’d be funny lol, but It’s probably just gonna go to a third round of voting

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You should give it another day or two, there are still many users that haven’t voted.

Does grazer know about this in any way?

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I can post the topic again on discord to see if someone will break the tie, sure!