Taile Gamougg: Noob (Very important poll!)

This is the first game I ever made that has a somewhat advanced kombat system. The ending is basically Noob Saibot’s Bizarre Adventure.

@DinoDev let me know if there are any movement bugs


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there are multiple issues with the movement, you can’t dash right and the description has them backwards. Also, when you click space bar the ghostball goes the opposite direction you are facing.

Another thing about dashing, you could stick to one keybind-

If you want an example search “Glow Space” on the games page, flowlab.io .


Sometimes clicking play from the main menu reverses some movement things, however, I believe this is a flowlab issue as it is a repetitive issue present in nearly all of my games.

that is another effect of what I said above.

I just fixed the description, thanks!

I had not learned that until I made Sonic with guns.


The dashing issue and ghost ball issue is NOT flowlabs problem.

If you need help with it, just add me to a dev team and I will explain.


Taile Gamougg: Noob memes with some lore details


Taile Gamougg: Noob memes with some lore details


I finally solved this problem! Just make sure you’re always facing right when completing a level, dying, or restarting a level in any way that doesn’t use the editor.


This meme is no longer accurate; the zombies chase you now.
More updates

  • Custom loading screen (spooky)
  • Changed and reorganized player behaviors
  • Updated several sprites
  • Modernized music system and added ability to unmute after moving
  • Added a radar/motion tracker
  • Updated other HUD/UI elements and made Noob and the final boss’ healthbars look like Mortal Kombat 9
Direct comparison


  • Remember that feature where the zombies would change appearance after you changed your skin? Well I added a new zombie skin, so now there are enough zombie skins to match the player’s skins.
  • Added menu animations and credits
  • Deleted health packs from the game entirely in support of a new system: touch your shadow bat allies to heal. This ties into taile gamougg 3 where the bats are your enemy because Shang Tsung corrupted them (this game is a prequel to gamougg 3).
  • Made the colors more accurate on the dead final boss sprite
  • Lava is no longer an instant kill
  • Shrunk the Forge map (now you have to build more of it yourself, thus allowing more creative freedom)
  • Declared Sensei as the official font for this game
  • You can now scan entrances and exits to buildings

Bonus recommended song to play in another tab for the Cold Void and Hot Void levels: Sonic CD Boss theme USA - YouTube


Hey guys!

I bet you weren’t expecting an update for this game, huh? If Noob can be updated, then anything could be on the table. Anyway, straight to the point. I am now updating this game to be more original. Without further ado, here’s what I’m currently doing or plan on doing for this game:

  • Changed the Minecraft zombies to Chocolate Cyborg Soldiers who work for the Among Warriors as henchmen.
  • Will change the Among Us Imposter to the Sussy Shogun, the leader of the Among Warriors.
  • I will keep the name Taile Gamougg: Noob but change the meaning. Instead of the Noob in the title meaning Noob Saibot, it will mean noob as in its normal meaning.
  • I have changed the black hole to look like an anime girl. More specifically, Pro Gabrielfo’s shadows. :slightly_smiling_face: I also included an animation for the black hole that doesn’t play in game but does contain one or more recolors that you can switch between.
  • Updating shadows

Even more soon :smile:!


New game cover!
It hurts to be this hip

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Very important poll!

What is more important to you in this game specifically?
  • Immersion
  • Optimization

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This could greatly change the way the game runs on devices.