Untitled Parkourer Devlog

I have made a new game which is currently getting updated, it is still in very early testing but it works.

It has a feature which may or may not have taken 2 hours to make, but has a adapting tile set, which means it updates to certain textures based on its surroundings, if you were to move a tile, it would change textures!

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Why are the controls for this game so broken?
And the jump height is pretty low ngl

they are broken?
if so, please explain

Sorry I worded it wrong,
I’m a WASD user so it got pretty weird to use those arrow keys controls. The jump height is really low too so I think you should fix that

Also why do the blocks in the bottom connect but not the ones on the top?

send an image of the full shape

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I really liked the blocks connecting but this shape wouldn’t let them do that.

rectangle hitboxes connect to each other, it’s probably polygon hitboxes

This is a lot of switches for the block.
Also i checked the physics for the blocks and it said it was rectangle

i made an amogus and it connected fine, also, i didnt know how else to do it, atleast it works (barely)

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The what? :neutral_face::expressionless::neutral_face: I spent three hours on that :sob:

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Latest updated version:

Sometimes newer or less experienced users do this a lot, like they spend a long time finding a solution to a problem, only to find out that there is a much easier and better way to solve it. I know this because I often did (and still do) this myself.

I think you can avoid this by trying to figure it out yourself, but if it gets way too complicated/convoluted, you should try to find a solution or example/resource online (for Flowlab resources there’s Flowlab Game Creator - Flowlab Resources and the forum’s search bar), then you should ask for help.

But that’s just a theory. A GAME theory.

Yeah nothing wrong with spending the time to figure something out yourself, I would pretty much always recommend doing that first before searching for the answers on the forums if you’re still learning


I have updated ze gam!

i have added a few things to the game but i dont want to spoil them, so if u want to check them out, then feel free to, when ever i get a good character model done then i will post the first update log!

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“Adaptive tiles sound cool! Looking forward to seeing how your parkour game progresses. Keep up the great work!”