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I think I will continue work on my first game. I have many upgrades for this game. So many that the game development went dormant. My first update will be to re-do the second level. In my opinion my game is very repetitive, and the code is terrible and basic. I need to polish this game a ridiculous amount. I can’t just delete it now though; I have a storyline and a base for a good game.

My ideas for the second level:
  • A race- like level?
  • Another adventure level?
  • Any sort of escape level?
  • Other…

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Once 10 users have voted I will take the most popular idea.

I will take any Vironia-related ideas that are reasonable.

This is the Development Log for my old game: Vironia.


How bout… becoming a penguin and joining Penguin Productions to make a game?

-A visit from The :penguin:



Day 1:

I will start to delete the second level.
I have 3 sprites that aren’t in the 1st level that are in the second level, so I’ll delete those.
The first level is too repetitive, so I need to fix that next.



Day 2:

I need to fix the uneven menu and start on the new second level today. The most Voted idea was a Race-like level. My idea is a sort of Parkour… WAIT A SECOND.

Should I make a Vironia SAGA?
  • Yes.
  • No.

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I just thought of this idea and it seems like a pretty good one. I could make three Vironia games using one level each. I could make a Racing game, an adventure game, and any other…

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So… It seems BradenS and John Shrekinson have voted for a saga. I will make Vironia into the Vironia Saga. (This is going to be interesting.)


Day 2:

This afternoon I’m going to make the menus for each game.

I am going to delete Vironia and work on a team game with 1 other user.

(Recruiting a user.)

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I have recruited the team and the main menu is out.

I have started on the Campaign level. If you’ve read the story, then you know where the campaign takes place.

This is what the main menu looks like right now.

Each game in the Saga has its own little menu consisting of two parts: The part with the play button and the part telling the controls. I have three games planned out at this moment.

The first game is the Campaign, where the player must defeat CPUs and beat a long story level.

The second game is the Parkour game, where the player plays a dog-like animal in a large (Multiple route) Parkour level.

The third might be Online fighting, where the player(s)…

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I’ve made the basic sideways movement animation and the wall slide animation. I’m pretty sure all that’s left (For the animations) will be the jumping animation.

After the animations are done I will proceed to code the first enemy dwarf. If you want to see some of the game sprites, go check out my art station.

My team and I’ve finished most of the behaviors for the first character.

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My team and I have made the basic coding for the character and the enemy 1. Now I will start on the level design for the campaign. I plan for it to be a VERY large level.

There is a temporary bug with the enemy 1’s fire so that will have to be fixed before placing any more blocks.

I guess that’s all for this update.
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oOoOooOOOOooOhHhhH cool!


Hello everyone. I’ve been unable to update the game every day recently. I will try to be on as much as possible. I fear that there won’t be an update every day. It will be at least two a week.


That’s completely understandable Flowlabro.

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yeah dont worry if your busy thats completely fine!


I should be able to work on Vironia today. I have a lot of spare time.

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First things first, I and my team have fixed all bugs, added a checkpoint object, and will now proceed to FINALLY build the Campaign Level. The forest is the first part of the level outside of the evil encampment. I still need to create a better tree object…

I will post the new tree sprite on my Art Station. (Go check it out.) The checkpoint still needs an animation. The player has all of the basic behaviors and so does the main enemy.

Since I have a free account, I have limited objects. I had no idea that just the Campaign would take 40+ objects, XD!

I plan to re-use the darkstone, normal stone, and the dirt in the other games. I also might re-use the base stone. Again, I will post all of the sprites on my art station.

I better get started on the forest now. That’s all today’s update.



  • I have finished the Dark Forest. It’s full of evil dwarves with laser guns!
  • I and Flying Fajita have made the checkpoint object. I made the animation and the original sprite. Again, I will post the sprites on my Art station.
  • I hope to make the rest of the forest (Not dark). The dark forest is only a portion of the woods. Unfortunately, the dwarves are patrolling near an old and antient outpost. After the player passes that outpost, they will have to speedrun the next part of the level and away from the evil dwarven search party. They’ve realized you escaped!
  • I will make a big chase boss (Dwarf) to chase the player across the valley outside of the woods.

That is all for now.

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I’ve arrived back from [REDACTED]. Now that I’m back, I started to edit Vironia.

  • I’ve re-done the hitbox. It looks better but the reason I re-did it was discarded.

  • The HP wasn’t working for some reason, so I took half an hour or so fixing that. I placed the collisions in the player and the HP behaviors in the Player Hitbox.

The coding for the hit box:

Since my teammate is away for two weeks, I kept his coding after fixing the HP bug.

  • Next I Fixed a major problem: When the player died the screen faded and the player was teleported, using position, to the starting point again. The problem with this is; None of the sprites reset when the player is teleported because there was no ‘Load Level’. I fixed this by making a load level after the fading happened.

  • I’m working on making a ‘Game Over’ sign for when he player dies.

Since FlyingFajita is away, I won’t be doing much with the game.
I guess that’s it for the moment.

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For the past few days, I’ve been quite busy. In my free time I’ve worked on the concept of switching to different powers. I’ve made four runic tablets in the UI layer and put them in the upper right corner.

There are three defensive powers: The primary power (PRP; energy ball), The dark shuriken power (DP), and the giga power (GP).

The shurikens can be thrown faster than the blue energy but does less damage (To some enemies).
The Giga power shoots five PRPs in different directions.

I will continue work on the level design and I also drew the sprite for the wall enemy.

The code for the object emitter:

The code for the wall enemy (WIP):


To see the sprites for this game, go check out my art station: Ember’s art and animation station (Weekly) [OPEN]

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