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As most of you know, I joined the Booster Jam 2 to win a year of indie. The theme is Invasion.

The first thing that came to my mind was Zombie Apocalypse. Sure, I could’ve made a good zombie game. The only problem was: I HATE ZOMBIES!! So that was a no.

Then I thought of Halo Infinite infection. A rouge AI taking over spartan armor… What if I combined these two ideas?
This led to the final idea: An apocalypse of robots that had been taken over by evil File-Fluid. If you want to read more about that stuff, go to the game’s dev log.

Anyways, I started work immediately. I wrote the story first.



The dimness of the room was completely vanquished as the blade lit up.
Marcus let out a muffled scream of glee as he stared at the translucent blue blade on the arm of his robot assistant. He had spent the last decade working on this project. It took all of his time and strength. His underground lab, which he used for most of his other illegal experiments, dimmed as the sword lost power, the same can be said for Marcus’ face as he saw his life’s work became totally drained of the previous light.

Frantically, he searched for the source of the outage. He had spent days making sure that the power output was sufficient to charge the weapon for months on-end. Now it had just gone out. His assistant, the test robot, held something out in front of his face. His sight was blinking in and out of focus due to the sudden loss of illumination, so it too him a few seconds to focus on the object. It was the power output wire, which was disconnected from the power bank he’d built. He mentally cursed himself for not securing the large wire.

When everything was set up once more, he turned it back on.
“Slice this block.” He commanded the robot, indicating a small black of Titanium, spares from the sword hilt. The sword went straight through, as if the extremely hard metal was butter.

“The file sword! I HAVE MADE THE FILE SWORD!”

Then, as the blade passed through the last part of the metal, one half flew to the right, smashing a red test tube on its way to the wall.
The red liquid splattered all over the room, one drop landed on the large robot, hunched over the sliced metal brick. It was Marcus’s evil File-Fluid experiment. It had the potential to turn an orinary smart machine into a monster, and he was well aware.

“NO! NO! NOOOOO!!!” Marcus yelled.

The red slowly crawled towards the open sensors on the robot’s head. Frantically, Marcus tried to scrape off the liquid, which was now very close to the opening… but in vain. The robot slowly turned to Marcus, who was backing towards the door. A deep, vibrant red silently seeped through the robot’s features, especially the sword, which glowed dangerously in the poorly lit room. As the human watched, the robot took the power bank and attached it to its back, on a specially made clasp. Then, it turned once more to the cowering human.

Zingg. Blood stained the floor, a head lay next to the clean-cut piece of titanium, as the robot stormed towards the door, breaking it with ease.


“A robot is rampaging the city alleys, please keep smart machines off and unplugged until the city is safe.” The news reporter said, all the while watching the cameras near the area that the robot occupied.

He saw a bright red flash and spotted not one, but THREE robots exit a small dark alley. Both of them had some sort of red, translucent, blade placed somewhere on their body. The clan of smart machines, all with red eyes hovering over a head height part of the body, was slowly growing with every passing day. They were invading the city!

Sadly, he put the microphone down, heading for the door. Just then he saw a flash of red light from a close skyscraper window. He ducked in panic. It had only been five days since the first RED-BOT sighting, as the civilians called them.

As far as he knew, this was the first city that had seen this… this apocalypse. He had to find a way to stop it, he had to find a way to destroy the evil robots, before they took over- completely.

A picture flashed in his mind. An image of… of it. The warrior. - A robot that had a human brain, but was locked away in a graphene bunker.
He had the authority to release it, but then the people of the city might suspect him as the starter of the apocalypse…

The Apocalypse. There had been a past zombie invasion, the robot had diminished it. That boosted his confidence, and he started for the door. He knew that this robot would be able to stop the invasion, if not, then nothing would. He had to keep it a secret or the people might become the next enemy.

“Save us once more.” The reporter sighed, then pressed a hidden red button.

After that, I started the first level. Instead of using a large amount of the same enemy, I made multiple (5) different enemies for the player to fight.

After… how many days has it been? (9 or something), I finally finished the basic game. There are still many things that can be upgraded…

What do you want added?

Please drop some feedback. (Play the game! Play the game! Play the game!)

Game Link


Thanks for reading.

Good day!


What should I add? (Up to 6 votes)
  • Music (I’m going to make this anyway)
  • Fullscreen
  • Pausing
  • Another enemy or two
  • Dash particles
  • Other (Post)

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Ok, I made some cool music.

Hmm… So, you (Pug) want pausing, Fullscreen, and particles. I’ll get to Fullscreen and Pausing right now.
Particles will be a bit hard, but I’ll definitely look into it.

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Ok! I added Fullscreen and Pausing!
They go above and below the UI HP bar.

Hmm… so you guys want me to add particles and more enemies.
@BradenS, can you describe what type of enemy would enhance the gameplay?

@paisleypug @BeesyBee, I would add particles… if I knew how. Do any of you know how to make aesthetic dash particles?

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I don’t know the code that would go into it but I know how the particles could look?

Like a little explosion of like squares, I guess.

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This is just vehicle battleground with walls.

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you could write a book

Sadly :frowning:
It is quite like vehicle battleground


Not going to lie this game seems very good and better than mine already! You have a good chance of winning and great job!!!

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It’s a bit similar… I guess. I think it’s more fun.

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It’s cool that shooting certain enemies turns them blue—what if after that they became your allies and followed you around? Or at least started targeting other enemies nearby?

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Yeah, once an enemy dies, it’s file fluid becomes pure (blue) instead of corrupted.

That could get extremely buggy.

So, Hong Joon said the final boss was too easy, that he could stand in one place and not get fired at, so I made some improvements: I made the delay before it follows you 3.5 seconds instead of 10. I’m making it spin a bit every few seconds.

That should make it a bit harder.

Also, some users voted that I make a few new enemies… just a hint.

the boss is still too easy

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Huffff! What does one have to do to make a boss that’s hard for you!

Im not a pro gamer like alpaca, but this is still incredibly easy

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Hurumph!!! You didn’t answer my question.

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play it yourself, try to have minimal movements. is it hard. no.

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Hmm… You’re right. If I’m going to keep this game, I have to make it harder… Hmm… Maybe I shold make the boss spawn the tiny enemies.



its so much better when I just do this.

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